As 'Nimi Turns One...
Since 'Nimi mother, @sleekdemi is a friend as well as a colleague, its almost sorta inevitable that i'll only take pictures of colleagues, yes? I did better...i took pictures of colleagues and their children and/or their plus-ones. Not an easy thing being a pap, i tell you. Enjoy....

Celebrant with her Mama

Demmy and Hubby

The Cakes

Shaddyof Carrissa's Clothing and her princess

Funmi and her son

My one-man squad

Alanta or Windeck??

Soibi O.


Victor, Soibi and Mimilicious

Isioma, Victor, Soibi and Mimi

Omoniyi and my Princess Zizi

Idris and his boo

Mazotse of Posh4Less

Little Miss Sunshine

Stelly and mini-her Adaeze

The Boss-Man ans his wife

Yinka and family

Bunmi and Jane

Nduka and wife
Arit, Lauretta and Stella

The Three Musketeers {Chets, Jessie and Nathan}

In taking these pictures, i totally forgot to take mine and i was looking mighty fine *insert the legendary lizzard pat on the back* Just as well tho...
Anyways, a few weeks back, a very good friend of mine Oby who is also the manager/co-owner of Natives Restaraut in VI marked her birthday. I managed to get a picture of myself and the celebrant!


For some reason, i cant upload more pictures today. Will try later on in the day. Stay tuned *wink*


@Ebonynena's Plus-One Bash

Here's a photo-register of some of the guests at the party:

Birthday Girl

Kemkem and Nena

Nena, Kechi, Kemkem and Ola

Miriam and Chinma


ICE and Bena

Kechi and Mimi

Mary and Bena {Its so unnecessary to mention that they are both mothers of two! I hate their METABOLISM so much right now!}


Yours Truly

They could pass for twinnies, right?

Nena, Ola and Bena

Nena and friend

Bena and Nena {my adopted sisters....much love!}

I had such fun even if it were for a short bit {had hospital runs} but i did take away two things from that gbedu: 1. It is now imperative i lose weight! {notice my pix was just a headshot..lol} and 2. Uber long braids are in...gotta get me one of those!

Nena, i know you had mad fun. Happy Birthday...again!!!


The Sights of Kanye's One Year Birthday

Yesterday, the 22nd of January, my squad and I stormed Wole Olateju Crescent, Lekki Phase 1 to celebrate Kanye's one year birthday {Kanye is my friend's beloved son, in whom we are well pleased}.
It was an oppurtunity to meet with all the other supermoms that i haven't seen in a pretty long while. Thanks to the fun games, the train ride and the bouncing castles, the kids were kept busy and well entertained so the parents could mingle and socialise.

The "Man" of the Moment, Kanye

Kanye & Daddy

Kaka's favorite aunt, Amaka

This was the only picture i could get of KaKa and his momma, Lady T...she was quite busy. Understandable tho'!

Isoks and Chimmy...cutest mother n' daughter pair i know. Drama queens; I heart them!

Erhi and baby Runo

Miranda of JerominaBabies


OGB of Clothes By OGB, looking dapper as always 

Jane, making  Yours Truly laugh so hard

Aijay a.k.a BrownSugar

My one and only 'Tara Bank


Me n' Mine

To say we had fun would be an understatement....we had mega fun, my son especially! He had so much fun that by the end of the party, he was missing his shirt and his boots!

I really want to thank Kanye's parents and family for hosting us. My prayers are that he continues to be a source of joy to them. May his life be filled with such blessings he would have no choice other than sharing with the rest of the world...today & always!
Love always,