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Jennifer Hudson with her son

OMG!!!! My mouth is still wide open in astonishment. When I saw the picture of Jennifer Hudson at the Grammys, I thought “Ok, this chic is really determined!” From a size 18 or was it 20 sef to a size 6 is no mean feat. I was really proud of her…still am: she rocked that dress at the Grammys. But her look yesterday knocked the socks off my fat feet! The chic looked like she lost even more pounds…and in a record one week!

I am inspired, like majorly!!! Seeing the chunk of weight this chic had lost over time, I now know that I too CAN, if I put my mind to it. Just in case you cannot remember what she used to look like when she first came into limelight {from the days of American Idols and the movie Dream Girls}, here’s a pic to remind you…

On the 1st of February, I decided it was about time I tackled my weight problem. Yea, a problem because I used to be a curvy lepa shandy! Ok, maybe not a lepa shandy but y’all get where I’m coming from. It was time i took charge..i had deluded myself enough with the post-partum weight gain excuse. And so, I went on a hunger strike of some sort for a few days, rediscovered my tolerance {not love; never love} for fruits and veggies and lost a whooping 5kg in the month of February! Hehehe! Don’t knock my efforts. I tried…Rome was not built in a day!

My recent weight loss journey was inspired by this photo. Yea, I am the FAT one!

In a world where liposuction and gastric by-pass reign supreme, humongous weight loss such as Jennifer’s through good old dieting and exercise {I’m assuming} deserves commendation. That being said, I commend myself also for the 5kg I lost. If I had a private chef, a personal trainer and a nutritionist at my disposal, plus if my career/means of livelihood depended on my body mass, I’m sure I will surpass even my expectation! Determination is not what i lack...i have it in truck loads. Seriously, i am determined to wear a Bridget Awosika flirty dress and a Meena jumpsuit. If thats not determination, then i don't know what is!!! Anyways, there’s always March to look forward to.

I am inspired to do better than 5kg. I am Inspired...Fullstop

Heavens Heard Us!!

Exactly two weeks to the day he was kidnapped from his parent's home in Magodo Lagos, 10-month old Enioluwa Odegbaike was picked up yesterday {Saturday} from a yet-to-be-disclosed location in Benin Republic by his parents. The mood in Lagos was one of joy, of unbridled happiness for the family that have been through so much in these past coupla weeks but mostly, of thanksgiving to The Almighty that answered the prayers said by all, on behalf of this boy and his family! WE ARE JUST GRATEFUL HE CAME HOME SAFE!!!

Thank You to all that prayed for Enioluwa and family in their time of need! God Bless...x

Bonne Anniversaire!!!


I love the month of February, and not just because its the shortest month ever! I love February because, its the beginning of a gift-packed season for me: February 14-Valentine's Day, February 17-Wedding Anniversary {the first...or is it second sef...}, March 4-My birthday, March 14-My daughter's birthday! If i play my cards well..and i try..i get really cool gifts on each of those days. If not, one gift serves all three events! Bummer!

The confusion as to which anniversary i'm celebrating stems from the fact that i'm among a select few that have TWO wedding anniversaries in the same year. Yea, i see how that can be very confusing. In simple terms, my Marriage Anniversary {Is there even a phrase like marriage anniversary? Sounds really weird!} is in August, seeing as my one and only marriage certificate reads Aug. 25, 2006 while my Wedding Anniversary
 {you know, celebrating the day i marched down the aisle, with the wedding dress, bridal train and all} is on February 17, 2007!

Anyways, in my four...almost five years...of marriage, I Have Learnt:

  • That its easier to find a needle in a haysack than to change a man!!!!
  • That the man of the house is truly truly your first baby...they are as messy and as helpless and as demanding as your first-borne child!!!
  • That one set of rule applies to you and the kids while another applies to the man of the house. "Do as i say and not as i do" comes to mind! *le sigh*
  • That "How are you doing, darling?" after a fight is as close an apology as you can get! In Mars-speak, it means "I'm sorry!" but it gets lost in translation seeing as women are supposedly from Venus!
  • That its okay to really really hate your man sometimes {like i do right now}...Men are such exasperating creatures!
  • That some days, his work and the boys come before the family!
But, i've also come to realize:

  • That nobody loves me the way he does....NOBODY!
  • That even with all his flaws and his stubbornness, his thoughtfulnesss and the countless little things he does for me each day makes me fall in love with him again and again...
  • That I love him more now...than when i began writing this post...
                                                    You are nothing short of my everything...
You are my world...
And i love you for all the hopes, all the dreams you've helped to make come true...
But most of all I love you, just for being You!

My life is best with you in it....

Happy Four-Year Anniversary....Sweetkins!

Another Day, Another Snatched Baby!

Enioluwa Odegbaike

Evil has been unleashed again in Lagos, this time on 10 months old Enioluwa Odegbaike on Sunday 13 February. Taken in their Magodo residence by a nanny that was barely one week old  in their employement {and taken while his mother was in the shower}, Enioluwa has been missing for 24 hours and counting!!

How can we help? Please pray for his safe return, and call 07085534788 or the police, if you have any information!

NB: Will update this post as soon as i have more deets! As of now, the parents have been contacted by the perpetrators and ransom demand has been made! You can also follow on twitter @Zitera for the updates. Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Let us help bring Enioluwa home!!!


Its almost 7 days now....Enioluwa is still missing. Sources close to the family say there's been a call to say the baby is fine. I cannot ascertain now whether a ransome demand has been made and how much but there are feelers to that effect. At this point, we can only pray that God touches the hearts of those holding him. Thank God for technology and the social networking sites...BBM, Twitter and Facebook have been really instrumental in creating awareness as to this kidnap! Here are some of the messages/broadcasts going around:

  • "Please Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, declare war on these kidnappers! They are taking away the little freedom we have!!"
  • "President Goodluck Jonathan and Gov Babatunde Fashola, if your son was kidnapped, where will your energy be channelled right now? Will it be re-election or getting your child back?...Declare war on the kidnappers and find this boy even if he's not a journalist!!"
  • "Parents, uncles, aunties, please lift your voices in prayers for the safe return of Enioluwa Odegbaike who was kidnapped by his nanny last saturday. Join our prayer chain....May this sort of evil NEVER happen to any of us!!!
PLS, lets all do the best we can to get this child home....Creat more awareness and Pray until Enioluwa gets home...ALIVE AND WELL!!!!

Lets Call A Spade....One!

Every once in a while, and especially after news of a demise or a near death experience, the subject of mortality occupies my least for a few days before the hustles of every day living numbs it!

On the day that The Hubby was snatched at gunpoint and eventually lost his barely-one-year-old tear-rubber car, two things flashed immediately through my mind: (1) How was I going to raise my kids all by myself? (2) How the heck will I afford my house rent? Hard work doesn’t scare me and I do have some savings but the thought of house rent, school fees, light and cable bills and generally being able to afford the lifestyle I was already used to, scared the bejesus out of me!! I felt so helpless….

After that experience, I became so obsessed with the subject of mortality. For every time he leaves the house, I always think, “Will he make it home tonight?” If he doesn’t, would I and the kids be okay? Have I put a plan in place for that contingency? Has he put a plan in place for that contingency? Last year, a group of male journalists were kidnapped and held captive for days. From what I read in the papers on their story, their major regret {while in captivity and with the threat of death looming above their heads} was not how they didn’t booze enough or hang out enough; it was not how they did not build enough mansions or drive the Beast. Their only regret was that they didn’t make enough arrangement, in case of an eventuality such as their demise, to give their wives a soft landing of some sort! One of them even said that his people would give his wife such a hard time if and after he was gone! Sad, init?

On Monday the 7th, a management staff of one of the branches of my office lost his life in an auto accident. My first question on hearing the news was, “Was he married?” If he was, with how many kids? And how old was the first child? As it turned out, he was married with 3 children, the first not even up to seven years of age. Ironically, he had taken a detour on his way to work that fateful morning, to go visit his child who was sick and on admission in the hospital. Life sucks sha!! Imagine the poor widow being informed of the death of her husband while still trying to nurse her child back to good health!

Now you ask: What’s the point to these ramblings of mine? I answer: What is wrong with a man declaring his assets and liabilities, both home and abroad, to his partner whom he has promised to love and protect??? Whats the point in struggling day, night and then some, to acquire riches and properties and have your wife and children reduced to begging on the streets for survival, after you are no more in the picture? Woman, why are you so content with just that one means of livelihood? In the case of an eventuality, would that be enough???? I’m guilty of this too!!!

I’m yet to meet that person that knows when death would come along….there’s a reason why insurance companies are still in business. From listening to The Hubby and a few of his friends talk, I’ve come to realize that truly, the pride of a man is in his offspring…his legacy. Wouldn’t he breathe easier knowing that after he’s gone, his family is well provided for? Isnt that what our rat races’ all about? Granted, bitter “third party” experiences might’ve informed some men’s decisions to keep certain monetary information from their partners but for how long will A’s story be used to judge and find B guilty? If you married a good woman, you’ll know! No need to punish her for the way Emeka’s friend’s brother’s wife cleaned the husband out!! A stitch in time….

At this point, i would really like to say that woment aint really the weaker sex, as cliche would have us believe. We are stronger than we look...we are no charity case! If push comes to shove {and there is no plan in place for that shove}, we rally! It might be difficult, painful, heartbreaking but we rally! We become determined, for the sakes of our children. No sane cum reasonable woman would fold her hands and watch her kids suffer. All i'm saying is, if she's to mourn, let her mourn in comfort! Let her mourn not because she's lost a breadwinner...let her mourn because she misses the heck outta the man that had been her companion, her friend, her lover, her backbone for the better part of her life! Is that too much to ask for?

Shout out to The Hubby, the love of my life, the father of my children…Thank you for taking such good of us. Love you....x

Oh my, but this was a morbid post!

His & Hers Valentine!!

Yes, it’s true, Valentine's Day is really a day for women, which means the guys are the ones expected to make dinner reservations, create a romantic atmosphere and buy gifts. It might not be fair, but if you want your relationship to work smoothly for the rest of the year, Valentine’s gifts are essential....afterall, its a man's world, right? Right!! Errmm, wrong..if thou art a married woman. The chase is over; you've been "bought", sealed and delivered....HE IS NOT EXPECTED TO MAKE DINNER, OR BUY GIFTS!! Infact, brainstorming over what to do and gift on Valentine's Day becomes many a wives' "cup of tea".....if he does make dinner reservations and showers you with gifts or conjures a romantic getaway for you, i have only these three words to say: You Lucky Girl!

Anyways, Valentine's Day is a few days away. Last week, i took the liberty of asking unsuspecting sources "What would be the ideal Vals gift from your better half?" You would double over in laughter at some of the answers i got. From babies, to cars, to N1m cash gift, to a minage-a-trios...the list goes on! Here's the top five gift ideas {for both His and Hers} from my findings.....


Surprisingly, eighty percent of the female sources wanted Rings....engagement ring, new sets of wedding rings, eternity rings. Imagine being proposed to on Val's Day?? Nothing tops that!!! Well, not anything i can think of right now!  

If she's as bag-crazy as i am, this bag {or its siblings and cousins} would make her year...and yours too!
Guys, you can never go wrong with buying her a bottle of perfume or two! If you are the adventurous type and at a loss as to perfume choice, do give Womanity by Thierry Mugler a try! And i love the bottle...its as cute in  person as it is in picture. On another level, nothing says FEMININE like pink and a chain: you get your "girlie" and you get your "tied down" too! Hehehe...

Ahhh! Need i write more? But be careful when gifting this hand-held, seeing as our technological age period had made it possible for people to be less present where they are and more present somewhere else! {The Hubby has taken to seizing my BB as soon as he gets home from work...the BB was fast becoming a rival for my attention!}
My crystal-ball says there's a good chance you'll get some on Val's night if you gift this!!!


If your OAO {One and Only} is a techie and you really appreciate that about him, this is the "machine" to gift. "Any full blooded male gotta have a PS3. If not, they're gay!"...says Busta, a good friend of mine! I'll be quick to add here that The Hubby's got one...can't have him labelled gay!!! *wink*

Guys love their toys.

Romantic getaway, time out from the kids especially, to rekindle love.....

 Guys are NOT high-maintenance! A good dress shirt with a few accessories...and kisses...thrown in would do the intended damage!

Valentine's Day, however, should not about how much money will be spent on loved ones. The day should be about appreciating folks that have stood unquakingly by our sides through our highs and lows! If it takes buying a car or a box of chocolate or a bouquet of roses or a greeting card, to appreciate the special one{s}, so be it!

What is gifted doesn't have to matter...its the thought behind it that counts! Happy Val's Day in advance, my lovers!!!