In A Hopeless Place...

Speechless. This pain...too awful for words. Indescribable! This is not the sort of pain that a band-aid or some pain killers would alleviate. I wish it were. No, this is nothing physical and too terrible to be categorized under emotional. My heart was not just was sliced clean into two equal bleeding halves and nothing--except maybe a self-induced coma-- can stop the hurt.
That bitch of a sister. Slimy worm...
As sudden as it’s been coming, the urge to barf came again. I scrambled out of bed and made a mad dash to the bathroom, muzzy as heck. I barely cleared the doors before the bile surged forth, from within the depths of my stomach. I heaved over the toilet bowl for all of three minutes until my innards finally calmed. It has been like this for a few days now. I honestly hope i’m not pregnant on top of everything i have to deal with, i thought as i groped my way back to my the dark. Time 04:17a.m

Mummy, It's A Girl!

I had such a fun Saturday doing absolutely nothing! Just lying in bed and watching the telly. I cannot honestly remember the last time i had a sleep-in Saturday. If i am not sourcing new clients, i’m procuring or delivering. Or i’m shopping groceries and cooking 4 pots of soup. Or stuck in a branch listening to yet another training on how to catch fraudsters. It’s a hectic world we live in. Today though, my plate was absolutely empty...except that this one delivery I had to make {which was done before 7:30am; the hubby didn’t even know when I snuck off to do that} and this meeting I have for 3:00pm to work out the kinks of a new business deal.
I enjoyed every lazy minute of it until I had to get up and get ready for that meeting. I had just driven out of my compound when my phone rang. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t pick especially if I was on the highway {too scared i’ll totally run into a car or something} but as it is, I was still on my street so I picked the call. It was my sister; she called to say she finally got a Blackberry and I should send my pin. I was right in the middle of screaming “You finally got a Blackburrieeeeeeeeeee” when the phone call ended. So ru....abrupt!

You Know You Are Ready When...

Apologies are in order because, mbanu, this has now gone beyond ridiculous! How is it that I published only two posts in the entire month of June? Two. Duo. Meji. Abua. Biu. Aluu. I sincerely apologise for my absence in Blogsville...{not like anybody missed me sef *tongue in cheek*} and i promise this will not repeat itself...well, in the foreseen future. It’s been a hectic few months and lately, this brain has little time to even assimilate recent events talk more of articulating and writing them down. I tried ooo.
The number of unfinished posts in Draftsville in my witness, true to God *touch floor, touch tongue, show God*. Somehow, the juices stop flowing half-way through a post. Too many distractions: the kids, work, hunger. Choose. But, if i’m honest to myself, the major culprit is Beddings ‘n’ Beyond! Kai, Andy akowataroru m ihe a ofuma. Mbaa. He did not explain things well to me. Building a business/brand is sooooooooooooooooo time-consuming and energy-sapping, it’s absolutely ridic. But it’s totally gratifying when it starts to pay off. And it has been. Thank goodness. Anyways, enough of the chitter-chatter; back to the business of the day... 
Flicky is a colleague and a very good friend of mine. She’s never been skinny even as a kid but after she had her baby last year, she went from an uber-trendy size 14 to a now-struggling-to-be-trendy-and-sometimes-succeeding size 16. Initially, she wasn’t bothered. I gotta give it to her: if there’s one person that knows how to work magic with the body she’s got, it’s Flicky. Some days, she packages herself so well i could bet one of my flatsheets that she’s a size 12. That’s how good she is with packaging.
Recently though, her weight has become a burden to her {pun intended}...for the first time in her existence. Apparently, skinny is firmly in...Even pregnancy and childbirth is no more an acceptable excuse. {All these mothers that bounce back to size 8s and 10s, y’all are to blame. Forever tormenting the likes of us!}. Anyways, now she’s bothered and who else to confide in except one who has worn same shoe and knows where it pinches, Me! Hazel a.k.a Fellow Fatso Size 14.