Hands Free Sundays


When I had my son, I promised myself and the little baby sucking his thumb in my arms that I will be the best mummy there ever was to him. I will love him so hard, he would never doubt that he is loved. I will always be there for him; there to hold his hands when he’s afraid, there to do his homework, there to hang out and share laughter with, there so that nobody ever ever hurts him. He would be my bestest friend.
I promised always have time for his excesses, always have time to listen to what he has to say, always encourage him to be the best child he could be….

Scary Saturday

Saturday 12, i experienced Lagos firsthand.
We had just finished this 3-day amazingly inspiring training {who woulda thunk it?} organized by my job and as is with such trainings, we exited the hall feeling like we can take on whatever the world threw at us...We were ready to change the world.
Someone had parked their car right behind mine, blocking my exit and so i was forced to wait for whoever it was to finish their tete-a-tete with the facilitator. I was just about to start fretting when the owner of the car came out...and she is this really nice mother-of-two that sat behind me all through the training.
Both of our cars were parked on the kerb just by the express {the training was in one of our branches on Ikorodu Road}. I had walked round to my passenger side, just a feet away from the express, to offload the books i bought {still can’t believe i bought that many books} and my handbag when she came out. I mentioned she was nice, right? So i said to her,
 “I should have your number!” to which she replied,
“I’ll do better. Give me your BB pin”.

The Ten Commandments Of Being A Man

Something has been {and is still} going on with me that i can’t really put a finger to. But whatever it is has me waking up every morning with near blinding headaches. Sometimes, it feels like i just need to literally open up my head to let the pressure in there ease off. Quite overwhelming and energy sapping. It leaves me really tired most times. Lethargic. I have zero interest in stuff that usually excite me: tweeting, watching TV {i haven’t even seen an epi of Big Brother Stargame}, blogging...
I miss blogging. But there’s no space in my head right now to articulate words. I start a post and half way through it, i knock off to bed. By the next day, the inspiration is long gone. In case y’all haven’t figured it out, this is a public apology for abandoning this blog {and some others i faithfully troll} for so long. I promise, i have so many half baked posts in Draftville. As soon as they are baked, y’all best believe im gonna serve them hot.
In the meantime, enjoy this post i came across a while back. Written by a male guest writer on Mollie’s fab blog, this is a must-read for every WOMAN. I say Woman because i KNOW y’all will ensure your significant others get the link to this post. Don’t say i didn’t share. Enjoy....