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Here we go again....

It was Prince William's and Kate Middleton's wedding yesterday and with the kinda of media coverage the Royal Wedding recieved, its no wonder a lotta folks didnt get to hear about the tornado incidents in Alabama, USA. Lightherlamp brings a whole new perspective to it with When Foundations Are Destroyed. My prayers of with the families affected in that devastation!

You look difficulty in the eye and you are Smiling through it, you are soooo winning! Check out Diary of an Unpaid Intern.

It Happens by Lily Johnson....Ladies, read!!

As usual, GISTDOTCOM addresses an important issue: The Power in Words with the post If Na Joke...
Excerpts from the post: "I know parents who bless their kids even when they are so pissed. Instead of yelling ”you stupid boy, with your head like coconut”! Its much more constructive to yell “you this blessed boy, with your head like that of a king”…I’ve heard parents say this, and believe me I laughed!!! Retrospectively, I think they actually know what they are doing….you can’t call your son Coconut head and then expect a coconut head to carry first in class."

Bissel, a little bits of this and that byThirdWorldProfashional. Y'all know TWP...she brings IT always but this post is most important because of....see below:

"P:S....If you read my blog frequently, you might remember a post I wrote in January called "Christmas, Reunions and New Year". In that post I mentioned reuniting with my friends from Queen's College when we attended the 50th birthday of the mother of one of us, Omowunmi Fosudo. This was just in December. Recently Omowunmi's mum who just celebrated her 50th birthday, a joyous celebration that had all her children flying in from different destinations, was diagnosed with cancer. Unknown to the family she had been living with cancer for a while and by the time she was diagnosed, it had progressed to Stage 3. Now the doctors at the University of Texas MD Cancer Center where she was diagnosed need to operate in 7 days or who knows what might happen. Because Mrs. Fosudo is uninsured, this operation will cost her family $60,000, which is about N9,000,000.

I'm writing all this because since yesterday when Omowunmi's brother Debo launched the campaign to raise the money aided by friends and family, some people have been thinking its a scam. I don't blame them because the kind of world we live in, such things are very possible and probably do happen, but I'm writing this to make it as personal for you as it is for me, to let you know these are real people going through a very real ordeal.

So far $31,627 has been raised, we're halfway there, no amount is too little, even N500 will go a long way. If you can
help a family save their mother, you know your reward will be in heaven. These are the donation points.

1) You can pay at
2) In Nigeria, pay at GTB #201101370110, name: Ade-Fosudo.
3) Paypal:

Any little thing, 10 dollars, 10 naira, 10 pounds. Just help out anyway you can. She needs this surgery in 7 days, 7 days. It is not a joke, it is not a scam, this is a real person. Please find it in your heart to help.

Thank you."

Please help a family save their mother! PLEASE DONATE!!! Thank you!

HM QuikLinks Plus: This Week in Blogsville

So, this week's quiklinks came a bit late but hey, better late than never right?! Neways, here's a few of the posts that i thought y'all should see. Hope you enjoy them!

Stella of Stella's Addiction posted this amazing Face.Of.The.Day: Golden Galaxy Cookie Cutter. If you are a regular visitor on her blog, then no introductions are required. If not, then lemme introduce you to this lady that is absolutely crazy about all things make-up. Have fun!

Still on the subject of make-up, here is Pwetty Bambi's take on Liners: Mini Guide To Fun Colours. Hope it would be helpful!

Whats Hot! Apparently, 70's inspired wide-legged trousers a.k.a Palazzos are back in is crazy that way. Read up on Stylishevafter. Thank you, Damie for the heads up {imma go dust up mine. i hope it still fits! Lol}

Here's Fashion Inspired By Africa by the Kenyan blogger Nancie. Need i say more? Check out Fashion Notebook.

Mia of Miafarradaily got a gown worth almost 3000 pounds for all of 2 pounds. Should she sell it or keep it? Winning and Other Stuff has the deets!

We all know or two of these type of people but how does one Deal With Difficult People In the Work Environment? Posted by YNC

ThirdWorldProfashional has The Hawker and the Young Man. This post is not one of her usual fashion-inspired blogspots but you'll have to have a heart of rock if this story doesnt move you. God takes care of His own!

Everyday For The Thief, one day is for the owner of the house! Na so this one thief take meet his waterloo. GISTDOTCOM has all the deets.

Have you had any not-so-nice Social Experiences? Read up on HoneyDame's.

For When GEJ Visits My Blog, this post will be there for him to read...Olori's Palace had that covered. Someone needs to tell these leaders what the man on the street expects from them!

Finally, An Easter Musing from Lightherlamp. Hope you enjoy it!

Thats all folks. Happy Easter

I Miss GOD!!!


I remember that day like it was yesterday, the day my momma sat us kids down on our sitting room floor, with the voice of Pastor Ngozi Awuzie {where is that guy these days sef} playing in the background, and told us about heaven, hell, rapture and the end of the world. The year was 1995 or 1996 { i can't remember which now...was really young} but i figured i had a couple of years or more to the new millenium. And so, i told myself to rock life really much as i can at that age anyways...then clean up my acts in 1999, find God in preparation for rapture and end of the world in 2000.

Year 2000 came and went...nothing happened and with that non-happenstance went my resolution to know God better. I figured since Jesus has tarried in His coming, there was no need really to truncate all that fun i was having and become a bible-carrying sister. {How uncool, i thought then! How stupid and shallow i was, i know now}. My mother despaired! You know how exasperating it is when you know the truth about something and you try to tell someone you love that same truth and they give you ela? That's how my mother felt. Me, i was comfortable with telling Mummy my problems: it was her job to tell God and i might add that she did a darn good job of it! {i love my momma}

You can then imagine her joy when i found God....all by myself. There is no way to describe that feeling when God is your BFF! I wondered how i ever thought it was uncool to love God! It was the coolest thing ever! I was never alone...i had God always by me. We were so close, it felt like my life was always on censor mode...which is a good thing, by the way; i could never say ill of anybody...God was watching! I could never get angry and toss back angry words at the provocateur...God is shaking His head from side to side, tsking away! It was awesome always being in HIS presence. I didnt have to wait till night to tell God all that happened during the day.....i tatafo as it happens {afterall, thats what BFFs do}.Until the hubby jokingly complained once, i hadn't realised i was always reporting him to God!

Then we grew apart! I do not know how that happened...and i will not even give the red horned persona the credit lest the horn swells abi grows more than it already is! But somehow, i found myself not giving God the time of the day!I hardly read my bible and when i do, i simply gloss over it and memorize the verses i would used to blackmail God! I seem to remember Him only in dire situations.

I can spew forth a thousand and one reasons why i grew apart from God but all of that does not matter now. What matters now is: What if there is Heaven and Hell? What if after all these earthly struggles, one dies to find out that there's really a hell? What then? Shouldn't i rather err on the side of caution and seek God now?
And guess what;
  • I do not have to channel the Deeper Life or MFM woman {hair all tied up and so not in a flattering way, bling-less} to serve God.
  • I can wear the longest brazilian/indian/peruvian combo weave i can find and still serve God.
  • I can paint my index finger green, middle finger orange, the pinkie red and still serve God in all sincerity of spirit. i can wear the falsest of them lashes, blush my face from here to Alaska, wear the bloodiest red lipstick and still tell the world about God.
  • I can be a fashionista and still profess God.
So i wonder: What is that thing holding me back from really serving God?
  • I wont be able to wear skimpies again? My body had wor-wor'd well so  in my case, skimpies are overrated.
  • So i wont be able to party? Hanging out with the hubby and building my marriage is a worthy cause in God's books, i bet! And if it wasnt ok, im tired of all those late night shindings anyways!
I roll out of bed every morning, skip over the book of life lying just by my bedside. Reason: I'm running late for time to read the Bible. Yet as i am sauntering across the room to the loo, i will spy that evil contraption called the Blackberry winking its red eye and without even thinking twice, i'm on it like peanut butter on toast! Work can wait...Twitter, Facebook, BBM cannot. I choose Complete Fashion over the Bible everyday...what a crappy life!

What are my priorities? What is yours?

Today is Easter! Today is our second chance! Lets make it count for us!!!

*Side bar1: There is no topic, no problem, no issue that has not been addressed in the Bible. You will be amazed at how all encompassing that book really is!*

*Side bar2: There is much truth in that bible verse Iron sharpeneth iron. In thy walk with God, one cannot ignore the gathering of brethrens...their support goes a long way! Thank you, LightHerLamp and Proverbs 31 Women.

*Side bar3: In difficult/trying situations, always ask oneself What Would Jesus Do?

I've missed God. Have you? Let me know!!!! Happy Easter, sweetharts!!!

HM QuikLinks: This Week in Blogsville

Today is April the 16th, 2011. In case you are wondering why i'm stating the obvious, today is/was the all important Presidential Election 2011 in Nigeria.

Earlier in the day, i had planned to just lounge and catch up on things: play with the kids, watch movies, and maybe do a blogpost or two! But that wasnt to be! Unlike last week saturday, my conscience wouldn't just let me be!!! Today is realllllllly important, it said! So, i dressed up, made my way to my polling unit, got accredited, went to my fav neighbourhood hangout Goatmasters to chill with the Hubby and his friends, listened to their bar-room politics and when it was time, went to perform my civic duty!!! Don't ask me how i voted for! Tres irrelevant at this point!

Anyways still on the election topic, This Week in Blogsville features the non-conformist blogger UgoDre with this post On Election Eve: Thoughts on Nigeria and the Tears of a General. Very insightful and nicely written but i'm guessing that at the point this post was written, lots of minds have been made up. Read it information is a weiiste!

Moving on....

It Was YNC's Birthday, April 15 Happy belated birthday, YankeeNaijaChic. Hope you had a blast! Much love, chica!!!

So, i discovered Damie's blog Stylishevafter a couple of weeks ago. Her post My Generation...My Fashion is just the thing for young, talented, upandcoming Nigerian designers! The world is yours if well armed....

Looking Glass of an Immigrant has this to say When Your Dad Is a Psychotic Cheater + Your Mates Are Getting Married. Ever wondered how much the sins of a father affect his children, especially the daughters? Read....Find out!

Whats TWiB without LightHerLamp? Here's For Length Of Days, For Life and Three Gifts:On Bothering God, Faith and Translations for your reading pleasure!!!

Aunty Ibhade of The Nitty-Gritty Tales of a Housewife redefined words we toss around carelessly in Stirring Hornets Nest. Oh boy!!!

Last but soooo not the least, Mia of MiaFarraDaily posted this Letter To My LadyParts. No, not my ladypart...mine has done good! Neways, this post is a must-read!!! Loved it. Mia, you are mental, child but you write good....darn good!!

You might also want to check out Third World Profashional for her Birmingham vacay series and Stella's Addiction for make-up product reviews.

That's it, folks. Catch y'all laters! Taa-taa...x

In Those Early Days of Marriage...

Before you get married;

“They” tell you how you need to marry your friend to live happily ever after, how you should marry a God-fearing Christian man that his conscience is still very much intact and so will not “misbehave” after marriage, how you should marry a rich man that will afford your every whims and desires without so much as a grumble! They tell how you need to respect and obey your husband. And they are they really do mean well for you.

What they never tell you is that the first 365 days of marriage is usually the most turbulent!! Oh yes, they never tell you that. Friend and God-fearing aside, you are usually surprised with the many times non-issues as were while y'all were dating become bones of serious contention between the both of you. Mehn, the early days of marriage requires a lot of getting used to.

They never tell you how the different points of view you thought as soo cute before now could be so glaringly annoyingly frustrating. I kid you not...its a regular battle of will{s} those early days. Scarred from the battles and armed with the life lessons the fights have taught you, in latter days you'll learn to incoporate "I understand and appreciate your opinion but..." into some of the sentences made in those heated moments. "Whatever" is a no-no unless you relish days of really uncomfortable silence {best kill me!}

They never tell you how inconsiderate {matter of opinion} he can get. He sees a nicely arranged stack of his own clothings and he wants to wear the checked Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt at the bottom of that stack. God forbid that one of his hands will hold the stack in place while the other gently removes the aforementioned piece of clothing! Mbanu!!! One hand will be a not-so-innocent bystander while the other will pull the clothing from right under the neat stack!! It is inevitable that the pile will collapse but it is also inevitable that he'll leave the mess there and walk! So yeah, they never tell you how inconsiderate he can be. With time though, you'll learn to quietly leave the "crime" scene and head straight to the restroom armed with a copy of his picture and his favourite footwear, lock the door and slap that likeness within an inch of its life....with his favourite shoe!!!! Justice!!! With time you learn that you do not unlock the door until you have expended all your negative energy. With time, you learn that you come out from that restroom laughing and that he usually joins in to laugh which makes you laugh the laugh because you are thinking if only he knew what you did to him and he is laughing because, well, he wants to laugh!

They never tell you how you'll have to break out the mortar and pestle every once in a while and pound those yams like their mothers used to do! AYOOLA Poundo Yam will never do...dude is suddenly allergic to processed yam flour and indomie and beans and fries...pretty much everything you know how to cook! In those early days, BBC Foods channel is your best friend. Experiment the hell outta those recipes...what doesn't kill him can only make him and your marriage stronger!!!

They never tell you how late he can be getting home sometimes. Forget the fact that you both used to hang out till pretty late at night. Now y'all are married and you are saddled with the additional responsibility of hustling home once its 6p.m to go prep dinner for your man. In those early days, you'll expect that he'll appreciate you effort by at least coming home early to eat the dinner.

If he gets home by:

8p.m---he gets the biggest hug and sweetest kisses ever; you've missed him!

9p.m---he gets just one brief hug; you've been home since 6pm...what kept him?

10p.m---you still manage to say Welcome and strangely, mean it!

11p.m---See picture below

The time he gets home determines the weapon!

Ahhhh, those early days. With time, you learn to let him be and guess what, he realises he'll rather be home with you....hanging out without you suddenly fails to excite!

Awwww shucks...where has the time gone? Continue later. Right now, duty calls! Plus i hate abyssimally long posts...this one was getting long so its just as well! However, do not hesitate to comment your own instances of what they never told you in those early days of marriage!


To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Hello! My name is Hazel and I was a shopaholic!

I’ve been praying this particular prayer point for a while now, asking God to deliver me from the spirit of “buy-buy” and after my major investment of last month, the shopping-addicted spirit that urges me to keep on buying seemed to have been exorcised! Phew. I could look at baffs and shoes and walk away…no mean feat!

And then I beheld this picture sent to me by my kid sister *now giving her the evil look* and now, the struggle is back on....the great shopaholic spirit is being nudged awake! 

Hello! My name is Hazel and I am a struggling shopaholic! *le sigh*

To buy or Not to buy?

HM QuikLinks: This Week in Blogsville

Halos people! How did everyone fare this week? My week wasnt so great but hey, thats just life.

Anyways, Blogsville is such as interesting place! Scratch that...wait, i wanna scratch that literally: Blogville is such an interesting place! There! I feel so much better now but...iDigress. Blogsville is an interesting phenomenon....random opinions, views, tastes, name it, its all here! Entertainment toh quality and never in short supply!

It was a shame i didnt have any post up this week {i blame it on my internet something} but im gonna redeem myself by providing links to those blogs that did post some this week....every single one of these posts, y'all will love.

Oya, tell me thank you in advance!!!

GISTDOTCOM is such a hilarious blog! That and the fact that its mostly written in pidgin english sorta doubles the fun. That being said, if thou art an employer of househelps, you should check out Sisi_Yemmie's  How To Tell When Your Housegirl is About to Yapa!  Its hilarious, yes but it addresses an issue that i know has troubled many women, me inclusive. Also, a man is at cross-road after his wife loses both ovaries; What Should He Do?

Jaycee of Lightherlamp never fails to inspire me! i know i have a lot to be thankful for; the question though is What Are You Thankful For?

Last week sunday was Mothers' Day {dunno which but i WILL celebrate alla o, anglican o, pentecostal long as its called Mothers' Day! Its no mean feat being a mother!!!} Cherry Chatter's Happy Mothers' Day post is such a sweet and innocent touched me! A Waste of Lives brough tears though, the kind that could only be caused by pain...the length these policians would go to acquire money and power! Smh

House is such a psychotic doctor but iDigress...again!

Speaking of politicians, its election day in Nigeria today. If you are nigerian and you qualified to vote, here are 10 Reasons To Vote by Bella Naija. So, go out and vote! Its in Style!!!

So, you tried to organise your jewelries but somehow, everything gets mixed up again? Well, if you haven't given up hope like i have, YNC's post Learning To Organize Your Jewelries should be of great help! Seriously!

Stay At Home Mom, to be or not to be? WorkingMomJournal's The Stay At Home Lawyer Mom should put things in some extent!

Razz Is The New Cool posted Randoms About the Menfolk  and even though ThirdWorldProfashional hasnt any new post, her post Buy The Cow kinda expantiated on one of those randoms Original Mgbeke yarned about!

Finally, she really needs your help so, Dear God, Please Help Waila! posted by WailaCaan. Hilarious post...i laughed all through...still laughing for that matter. Yeye gehl...

Thats it! Before i sign out tho, two things:

1. A special thank you to all my new followers and all those that left comments. I really appreciate! By the way, comments can now be posted on this blog via mobiles and blackberries blackberrys!

2. KAYLA STILL NEEDS OUR PRAYERS AND SO DOES HER MOTHER....for grace and strength to continue to have faith that her baby will be alright!

HazelMuses' QuikLinks: This Week in Blogsville

So today, i decided to do something different.....

One of my favourite things to do in recent times is certainly blogwalking a.k.a blogsurfing a.k.a browsing other blogs and i must say, there are many creative young folks out there. Starting today, and possibly every Saturday, i'm going to provide links to blogposts that inspired me and made me laugh and taught me something new. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did!!!

Stella's Addiction was the first make-up blog i visited and her love for the world of Make-Up impressed the pants off my large behind! I love her dedication; i love her committment; i love her in-depth product reviews. Check out Stella's post on How to spot fake Black Opal stick foundation if you use the product and you would be glad you did.

ThirdWorldProfashional is another blog i love to read..... the chic is a looney but she's my fav looney! She didnt have any post this week but Adaku made a few people proud (this week) because She was the Fashion Bomb of the Day, March 30 You go, girl!

You reside in Lagos and you've never heard of DealDey or you have but you dont know whats up with it? Well, here's All You need to know about DealDey by the blog Diary of an Exschoolnerd.

Felt refreshed after reading this blog LightaLamp{discovered it yesterday}. Jaycee made me realize how much i miss God! Life shouldnt be all about money and things money can buy; it should also be about how many people we helped in our time here! i hope What if this is Filthiest of Places? ministers to you as it did me!

I love the idea Praise Thursday by the blog Diary of an Unpaid Intern. Check her out!

This week, the blog Askchacha4free answered the question Why do People experience Disappointment? Free answers to Your questions sounds like a good deal to me!

Finally, check out this hilarious post An Eye for an Eye by Waila caan. The heart of kids...who can know it???!

So, did you like this post? Let me know what you think!