And You Became God, When?


A few weeks back, my job disengaged the services of a good number of its management and non-management staff. That incident was so unexpected and sudden, it left most of us floundering as fishes fresh out of water. I’m sure if checked, error rate on said day must’ve been 200%; morale was at its lowest! It was, however, towards the evening, after we’ve had the chance to kick off our shoes...and all pretences at diligence...that my colleague got the call that prompted this post. The caller was Levi*, one of the security men at my job.
Levi had been summoned to HR earlier that day. He had no idea why he was sent for but before he left, he met with my colleague and asked her to pray for him...just in case. The call she got was Levi confirming his fear: he’s been asked to resign too. Before she could conjure the appropriate sympathetic burble to offer, Levi told her not to worry; I didn’t sign the letter, he said. We were stunned. Who doesn’t sign their resignation letter when their company advises them to do so? He said he didn’t and that he respectfully demanded that they explain why he was being sacked. Balls of steel! But he got his answer: his boss wrote to say that Levi was impossible to work with! Levi

Where's A Friend When You Need One?


I was in the market yesterday, waiting out that heavy downpour when my phone rang. It was a friend and she wanted to know whether i was home. From her tone of voice, i could tell something was bugging her. I told her i wasn’t home and asked if everything was ok. She said she just needed to get out of her house. Apparently, she and her hubby had a fight and home-zone wasn’t as conducive as she woulda wished it on a rainy cozy Saturday morning. I mumbled my apologies, told her i would check in later to find out how she was doing and clicked off.

I couldn’t help but chuckle after i dropped the call and my amusement wasn’t because she was in a sticky situation {hey, i’m not a sadist}. Nah, i was amused because once upon a time, i was the one making this call and asking a list full of friends if they were home...

The year was 2006. The hubby and i had just left the last class of our pre-marital course. The class was all about S.E.X--how, when, when not to, with who, with what—sex in all its brazen glory. It was a really fun class and on that high, we drove to one of the eateries on Awolowo Road to get something to eat. Just before we turned into Tantalizer, we got into..