Of The Weekend, #Thanksgiving and #Winning

I went to the market yesterday to get some soup stuff. Nothing unusual there; I make some form of vegetable soup every Saturday...the life of a serial dieter! I went to Mama Adaobi to buy said soup stuff. Again, nothing unusual there; Mama Adaobi has the nicest disposition for a roadsidal foodstuff market woman (some of them would give you the evil eye for so little as pricing pepper from their neighbour) and she doesn’t feel obligated or entitled (like her neighbour) to comment about my weight, whether ballooning or on the path to dwindling.
What was unusual was how, half-way through plucking my tete, her face altered...from “smiley” to nearly “indescribable”. It is that face deranged side-chics get in the movies when they want to stealthily murder that wife that won’t let them have at their husband. Yea, that face. Seeing as i was her only customer at the time and was absolutely sure i hadn’t done anything to provoke whatever emotion that IS driving this transformation, i was slightly alarmed. However, having been “cursed” with the gift of inquisitiveness, my mouth asked what the problem was.