Children's Day Special

Kids all over this country were celebrated today as they marked this year’s Children’s Day. In the spirit of this day, I decided to do a post totally channeled towards kids and I have this young man standing in the gap for all his like!

Such innocence…I don’t know about y’all but I’m thinking this child already knows, this early in life, that one has to get down on his/her knees to conquer the world. Only God knows what he’s talking to Him about but if I could read his mind, I’m sure he’s saying:
  • Dear Lord, first of all, I’ll really like to thank You for letting me be born into this awesome family…to the awesomest parents. My daddy dotes on me; my mummy smothers me with so much love, I feel like a prince. She’s ever scampering around at my every whimper, even though she ignores me sometimes but I guess I understand…I can be really trying sometimes. I do appreciate that my mummy rarely sleeps at night because of me. I wish I could do something about it but I know I can’t, at least for now. For some reason, I’m always hungry at odd hours of the night and I love being cuddled while I eat, infact till I sleep off; it’s not my fault, dear Lord; you coupled me that way. But please, continue to give her the strength and grace to take care of my daddy and I. She’s a superwoman!!
  • Dear Lord, please bless my cousins Chets and Zi {I like their names, by the way. Their mummy must know what’s up} as they celebrate children’s day. I’ve never met them but I’ve seen pictures of them. They are really cute….I’m sure we will have loads of fun together when they visit or I visit.
  • Speaking of visiting, dear Lord, I don’t know how I feel about this Naija {I got the spelling right, yes? Swaaag!} trip Mum’s got scheduled for September. She’s super excited about it because she’s going to see her sisters she hasn’t seen in a long while plus she wants to offload me to her sister’s helps…she thinks I don’t know this! Anyways, I have serious reservations: I overheard Mummy say the heat is unbearable, that mosquitoes bite {what are mosquitoes by the way?} and then there’s that thing that makes noise when there’s no light…what’s the name now?? Arrrghhh…I can’t remember but You know what I’m talking about, Lord. My worst fear though is: What would I eat? I know Mummy is at her wits end when it comes to my feeding and I’ve heard her sister tell her to get me custard since there is no pap in my country. My fear is that once I enter Nigeria, Mummy might succumb to pressure and feed me that. I don’t want ooooooo! But Lord, you know best. You know what would be good for me and what wouldn’t. If pap will make me strong like my daddy, please just make me to like its taste. That’s all I ask in Jesus’ name, amen!
  • Thank you Lord for all You have done for me and my Mommy and my Daddy. I am very grateful because my life is really sweet. Please continue to bless them for me.
  • Also bless my Aunty Hazel for me. If not for anything, I’m on her blog {I learn quick}. Not many people have had this honour.
  • And because I want to show her how much I appreciate that honour, I will add one more prayer point to the rest: Aunty Mercedes {she’s Aunty Hazel’s friend} asked that You please send her a truckload of 1000 Naira notes. She didn’t give me her address but You know everything Lord. I know You can locate her wherever she is and direct that truck to her. Thank You.
  • Phew, I’m tired. And I’m hungry too. God, I have to go now. Until I come to you again, please bless all the children in the whole wide world….and their mommies and daddies too. Amen. Now, its time for my organic baby spaghetti chicken stew! Where’s Mummy? Let me set her a-scampering again! Bye God!
  • *now wailing*
David Kanye N {My Nephew}
If only I could be a child again! *le sigh* God bless all our kids, every single one of them in Jesus’ Name, Amen!


Anonymous said...

So shall the blessings be on all the children. You really read D's mind. Hilarious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is Nice Hazel,big ups.Baby Kanye is *hot*
Hhhhmmm his mum & dada must be Hoit!

Jaycee said...


Anonymous said...

Very funny. Looking forward to meeting this young charmer come september

Third World Profashional said...

LMAO! That was really funny, cute kid

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Awww so cute!