I Made Bank!


I made bank...literally.
This time three years ago, the Hubs was asking where my faith was. He couldn’t understand why i wasn't mostly thankful for safe delivery and for the birth of a healthy baby. I was thankful for safe delivery, thankful for my ‘ada’ but i need only to remember that i have been discharged  since the 15th and that my really tiny, tomato-red baby was still on admission and i’m bursting into fresh tears. I knew yellow skin meant jaundice. Red skin was what floored me. When i heard lupus erythematosus being bandied around by the doctors, i knew it was time to re-negotiate with God.

The Hubs said she would pull through. Her attending doctor said she was a fighter. Three years later, i believe them. Introducing ’Zitera Uloaku at 3. Industry name ~ Zizi Banks. I told y’all i made bank. Haha.

Managing Sensitive Skin in Babies

Does your baby have sensitive skin? From years of practice as a pharmacist, I have come across a lot of mothers with babies that have sensitive skin (as most babies seem to do these days) with little or no idea on how to handle it.

Babies with sensitive skin tend to break out with rashes very often. They also have dry, itchy skin and might seem to cry very often. Babies with more severe forms of skin sensitivity might experience drying out, especially around the joint areas. There are simple tips to help enhance your baby's comfort, while you patiently wait for them to outgrow it, because they most likely will.

Helpful tips?

Avoid medicated powders. They are usually too harsh for the skin. Powders generally can encourage drying out of the skin and itching. Instead, use fragrance free products like fragrance free jellies, wipes, etc. They are milder to the skin.
Use mild soaps and moisturizers (eg Cetaphil, E45, Oilatum, Aveeno, Sebamed). Shea butter is also great for sensitive skin.
Try lactose-free formulas. Lactose can predispose to sensitive skin.
Check the labels of supplements and food they eat. Some might contain potential allergens like oil from nuts. A good example is Abidec, which contains arachis oil and might enhance sensitivity.
Dress your baby in cotton clothes; they are usually more comfortable in them.
Watch your baby's bathing routine. Bath with warm water. You could also add bath oils and apply moisturizers on damp skin to enhance absorption. Try not to use these tube skin creams. They may appear to get the job done but they merely suppress the rashes which will still show up again. These creams contain steroids which aren't too advisable for children, unless the use is being monitored by a health professional.

{Written by Chinekwu Oreh of Rafar Pharmacare LTD}

Of Disagreeable Decisions and Dire Consequences

So I was going through work images on my lappy {I really should fix up and give her a name...} and came across these pictures my hubby took of me last weekend. And for the life of me, I could not fathom how come these pictures aren’t on my blog yet. I mean, the one picture I look like a human being should be #ontheblog the minute it passes muster, right? So my “enemies”...tihehe...go know say i don dey try!

Slit of Life!!

To today’s post tho...

Coming back to Lagos on Sunday, we had this taxi pick us up from the hotel to the airport. Now, why a hotel like the one we stayed in does not have its own airport shuttle arrangement is beyond me. Chic-from-Lasgidi like me, with hubby in tow, was now subjected to getting the piece of crap on wheels that we got. Now, if you had to ask if it had air-conditioning, then i might not have described this taxi very well. I couldn’t wait to get to the airport to weigh myself; pretty sure i was gonna be 2kg lighter on account of that sauna session from the hotel to the airport! Someone shoulda told us PH cab men didn’t joke with Sunday church service!

Anyways, there i was melting away in the backseat of this cab when i sighted the airport toll gate. I’d never been happier to see one before. Really, the powers that be should think of moving PH town closer to the airport! This journey {took almost 30mins} from the pit was about to end. Anyways, i was happy not just because of the heat. Nah. During the course of the drive, we realized our cab man shoulda been one of those in church. Dunno if it was his driving skills or his very reluctant-to-serve car or both but something needed prayers! I mean, we nearly hit a stationary Prado jeep that was minding its business by the side of the road. But i digress...

The Inspired Mom ~ Candy Agu at 40!


My first guest on the Inspired Mom series is the delectable Candy Agu. Wife to a serving State Commissioner and mother to two adorable dudes, 13 and 10 respectively, Candy is the face and muscle behind the award-winning party souvenirs and corporate gifts outfit Party In A Box Limited. She’s especially first on this series because today, March 15, is her birthday. This early-twenties-looking lady is 40 years old today! WOW!!

The Inspired Mom Series


"The most important job in the world isn't being a CEO. The most important job in the world is being a MOM!"

That a lot of 21st century career moms, myself included, struggle with balancing the work-business-family equation is a fact that will remain undisputed for a long time. Some women, however, juggle all these balls that they have to without dropping any....and still come out smelling like Womanity by Thierry Mugler!

The Inspired Mom series on this blog would feature women who has inspired me...and are still inspiring me to do better than I already am! Young, old or in-between, there's still a thing or ten to be learnt from the experiences of others!

The first post in this series will be up on Friday the 15th. Excited yet? I am!

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Chiviva Maiden Hair Sales

Chiviva Hair is having her maiden edition of Hair Sales,in Lagos.on the 29th & 30th of March at Silver Bird Galleria. With over 30 different hair styles you can be sure to have a good time shopping varieties of good, quality human hair.

Prices range from:
N18,000 for 8” to N43,000 for 30” ~for all machine weft Chiviva brand.
N20,000 for 8” to N35,000 for 20” ~for all handweft Duchess, Uyai Super and Peruvian Curls.
N14,000 for 8” to N45,000 for 40” ~for Spanish, Mongolian, Brazil and Cambodian Hair.
N10,500 for 8” to N36,000 for 40” ~for Malaysian and Indian Hair.

Pre-order now and beat the rush. Send an e-mail to chivivahair@yahoo.com. Your order number would be sent to you.

For more information:

Birthday Blues

Once upon a time, i walked into a law court, my dad in tow, to formally swear that i was way older than i actually looked. In those days you see, the University considered a certain age too young to be admitted. I didn’t mind adding the years...i was too young to begrudge them a couple. How fearless we are when we are young!
March 4th, 2013

Older. Definitely Wiser. But mostly Thankful.

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