What's In Your Bag Meme

So, ThirdWorldProfashional tagged me in a meme: Take a picture of your bag and its contents. This promises to be an interesting post because half the time, I have no idea what odds and bits I log around. I’m no pack rat but I get really lazy sometimes when it comes to decongesting my bag. So here goes:

The Rules are pretty simple:
1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Take a picture of the contents of the bag.
3. Explain.
4. Tag as many bloggers as you’ll love to see the contents of their bags too.

The Bag


My vintage Ted Lapidus leather bag. I adore this bag and though its not as big as I woulda preferred it, I just love its defined structure, adjustable straps, gold tone hardware and the TL embossed design throughout the exterior of the bag.

The Contents

1. Mac studio fix powder, Mac “Style Demon” mineralized blush, Mac dazzle lash: Since I discovered Mac years ago, my face has never been the same. Because I leave for work in the wee hours of the morning and rarely wear my face at home, I always always carry my make-up bags, yes bags, with me. These trio = game face on!!!!

2. Lipsticks: Until a friend gifted me this red lipstick from Clarins, I never thought I could ever pull off the red lips look. I was pleasantly surprised…I loooove!!! I also love the ajibo look of Sonya “Sheer Bliss” pink lipstick from Forever Living Products with a coat of In Colour Squeeze‘n’Shine lipgloss in either clear or honey lau.

3. Colour Care Eyeliner and Mac powder brush and blush applicator: Essentials I cannot do without!

4. Atmosphere wallet: Houses my cash and all my cards: debit cards, health insurance cards, call cards echetaram echetaram! Really like this particular wallet because of its cute patent leather design.

5. Olive Hair Serum/Polisher: I honestly don’t know what difference this product makes when I apply it to my weave but ‘they’ say it makes a difference. Anyways, since I have a weave on at the moment, its in my bag.

6. Chequebook I never go anywhere without my cheque book. I guess it gives me that added comfort, knowing that if I ever run outta cash and that boutique or that shop does not has a POS terminal, I can always consummate my transaction with a cheque leaf. And of course, there’s always the post-dated cheque delight to buying!

7. Measuring tape: Once, I wanted to make a cane basket for my kids’ toys. The first try didn’t fit the corner I had marked for it. I busted out this tape…next try was a perfect fit. I guess after that day, the tape became a permanent fixture in my bag….plus its so cute. And my slipper-shaped manicure set: Every girl should have one handy.

8. Vera Wang by Vera Wang: Used to be my favourite perfume at some point until my pregnancy hormones put me off it. I carry it around with me for those days I forget to perf up at home.

9. Dental Floss: I have a dental floss in my bag not because I’m anal about dental care; its just tidier and more effective than the alternative…toothpicks.

10. Safety pins: If you’ve ever been fat, you’ll understand why these particular items are in my carry-all. After my last child, I refused to adjust to my ballooned weight….I refused to dress my new size. And so, on days I pour myself inside one of my undersized clothes, these little minions hold shit together for me . Goodnews tho, my old clothes fit now…to some extent…so I hardly ever use them pins. But you never know….

11. Tampons: I’m a regular girl scout. The monthly visitor can NEVER catch me unawares. Nevers!

12. My $15 Nicole Ritchie wanna-be oversized sunglasses by OC Shades—I loooove this shades and more so because it was a cheap-ass buy. This sunglass is my idea of looking fab under budget. It can rival the best of them.

13. Blackberry: Need I say more? My last post will intimate you to the fact that I am {well, used to be….i’d like to believe that} addicted to my crackberry!! Addicted!!!

14. Camera pouchrepping my pentax camera: You never know when you need to capture an i-witness scenario on cam. Since I started blogging, my camera is always with me….taking pictures is my new hobby.

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And, I'm tagging @sphinx640, @poshbug and @orchbaby...just because i can. Leggoo!!!


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

always carry a tampon around?lol....never used one of those sha

Yankeenaijababe said...

I am so feeling the inside of your bag, great finds too for day to day use, love the safety pin aspect, makeup, wallet and nice vintage Ted Lapidus leather bag too. I would do the tag sometime next week. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay blessed always, thanks for the tag.