My Christmas Day Miracle

Ever since i got hitched, reproduced and became saddled with the responsibility of cooking Christmas meals, Christmas day is always an anti-climax for me. 25th December 2011 was no different.
My family and I travelled to the villa to celebrate the day with the rest of the extended family. That morning as usual found me in the kitchen, prepping the just-slaughtered goat for cooking. My sis-in-law and I were supposed to have gone to church with the rest of the family but we begged off so we could finish the cooking before service ends. So, we stayed home and cooked. No, my SIL cooked; i stayed steady downing the jar of palmwine that was just delivered that morning. Someone should package palmy in powder form and sell as tranquillizers/sedatives cos next thing i knew, i was snoring in bed, cooking forgotten.
The hubby’s call woke me and it wasn’t good news: our flat in Lagos was burning. Disturbing. The hubby was making frantic calls here and there...Helpless...only he didn’t look frantic. He carried on as if he was ordering bushmeat from Amokwe Station for a large party in a hurry! Unruffled. Finally, we got the call that said everything was ok. The fire has been quenched and even though our doors were broken down, they have been fixed and the house secured. Relief. We murmured the traditional “Thank God” and went back to drinking palmwine!
On the 27th of Dec, i boarded my flight to Lagos against work the next day. I was a little scared of going home. I didn’t know what to expect. No idea at all. Then, the taxi drove into my compound.
Dear Lord! I held myself long enough for the people that brought my things up to leave and then i collapsed in tears. I cried for nearly an hour!
I stand in awe of You. Only, God, to thee will all my praises be. I stand in awe of You!
I cried not because of the damage to my apartment. No. I cried because on the 25th of December 2011, a Miracle was wrought on my behalf. Favoured. Where my flat was extensively damaged, two feet away, my neighbour’s flat is non-existent. They lost everything!!!
Three days of electricians breaking more ceiling boards to re-wire the house, carpenters hammering left right and center, painters scrambling around lugging paint brushes and buckets, cleaners and washermen coming and going, three days of backbreaking, unbelievable stress, i finally have a clean space the kids can come home to. Except for the concentrated smell of smoke, no one will ever guess the trauma the flat underwent.


This space is what separates the two flats!

As i executed the last swipe of polish on the wooden floor, i knelt before Him that sits upon the throne and sang songs of praises. I am yet to comprehend the magnitude of what God did for me! i am sooooooooooo thankful. So full of thanksgiving! Where would i have started from?
There is a God and today, He became my personal Person!
I’d like to use this opportunity to thank every single one of you that helped out, called, texted, visited, tweeted. Special thanks to Tanna Obidike and family, for housing me and Foluke, for gifting me the mop that cleaned the entire house. God bless y’all for me. And on Sunday, if you are lead, please put a little bit more in the offering box and murmur prayer of thanksgiving on our behalf to God! He totally came through for us this year!!!


aloted said...

i am speechless!!!

God you are so good,
God you are kind
God you are excellent
God you are wonderful

so so sorry to hear about your neighbours..i hope no one was hurt??

we can never understand these things but we give thanks to God in all things..

i rejoice with u my sister!!!

MrsNdem said...

WOW, He is an AWESOME GOD! Stay blessed, you and your family!
First time here and now following!

LadyNgo said...

woooooooooooow. Our God is truly awesome. I hope ur neighbors are okay though.

Anonymous said...

We bless God for this miracle indeed he is merciful.
My prayer for your neighbour is that they'll be restored all that is lost a hundred fold in Jesus name!

Mayowa said...

Unto Him alone be all glory, honor and power. He definitely came through on your behalf.

It is indeed well.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

Wow I wow God is good Io...we praise God that you and your family were not in the house during the fire and it did not get worst than this....hope your neighbors are ok and well....happy new year!

dayor said...

Woohoo! Ds is huge...
Thank God for u and your family, for sparing your lives and restoring your shelter.

I pray God restores your neighbours too& comfort dem.

In all, GOD is faithful...(((HUGs)))

Ebuwa(bubu) said...

Almighty God !!!!!u are worthy to be praised,alfa and omega u are worthy to be praise!!thanks u lord for this testimony,the lord never leaves is own,because we dwell in the secret place of the most high!No evil shall befall is own!

DIDI said...

Thank GOD!!!!! look @ all the damage,its indeed a miracle.

Chioma Eze said...

Thank God!!!!!!!! This is a beautiful testimony.
Ogo, God has been faithful to u and urs!

Anonymous said...

God is indeed faithful. I dnt understand the impact of what happened until I saw it with my eyes but in everything we give thanks. God will replace what the cankerworm has eaten in a million folds both to you and your neighbours. It is well. Demmy

Che said...

Ohhhhhhh mennnnnnnnn, that was some real damage in your neigbour's apartment. May God restore all that they have lost. Thank God for raising a shield over your house. May His name be praised forever more.

@ilola said...

I really thank God for you. He cannot be thanked enough. Abi what more can we say?

God will restore what you neighbour lost in 7 folds, in Jesus name.

Gbemisoke said...

I'm grateful to God on your behalf oh! God is indeed good.
I hope none of your neighbours was hurt. My heart goes out to them.
I pray that God will restore all in Jesus name.

Abimpymoschino said...

Zeee, i am totally short of words... But all i can join you to say is 'thank you Lord' the God that we serve will continue to protect u an ur family. Everything that was damaged will be replaced in multiple folds... (((hugs)))) the Joy of the Lord is ur strength sweetheart.

Laura said...

Aawwww Ogo that doesn't look too good, thank God for giving you the strength to bear it and that you guys were in the village when it happened. God will continue to guide and protect you and your family...Amen

Anonymous said...

I thank God for you

Ema Leecious said...

I thank God for you and your family. Bishop Oyedepo says that "When you've lost anything, He is the reason you haven't lost EVERYTHING!

To Him be the praise

Jemima said...

I give God the glory on your behalf my sister, it is indeed a miracle,a my God restore ,i also pray for your neighbors, may God comfort them too!..Happy new year

Muse Origins said...

Thank God!! That is all!

Muse Origins

Somewhere in Moscow said...

wow,thank God for you! pls check out my blog and don't foret to follow!

Myne Whitman said...

This is amazing! Thank God for you, can you imagine?

Happy New Year to you and Family!

Anonymous said...

This a very selfish post, in as much I thank God on your behalf, I find it selfish and distasteful that you did a home to home comparsion of your neigbour`s and your house, are you saying that you are more favoured than them or that you are God `s chosen one, People lost their life savings here and you invading thier privacy by putting up their house on your blog, as if you are happy at the calamity that befell them, I find it very distasteful, you could have written you story without the pictures, that was poor judgement and a lack of decorum.