Of The Weekend, #Thanksgiving and #Winning

I went to the market yesterday to get some soup stuff. Nothing unusual there; I make some form of vegetable soup every Saturday...the life of a serial dieter! I went to Mama Adaobi to buy said soup stuff. Again, nothing unusual there; Mama Adaobi has the nicest disposition for a roadsidal foodstuff market woman (some of them would give you the evil eye for so little as pricing pepper from their neighbour) and she doesn’t feel obligated or entitled (like her neighbour) to comment about my weight, whether ballooning or on the path to dwindling.
What was unusual was how, half-way through plucking my tete, her face altered...from “smiley” to nearly “indescribable”. It is that face deranged side-chics get in the movies when they want to stealthily murder that wife that won’t let them have at their husband. Yea, that face. Seeing as i was her only customer at the time and was absolutely sure i hadn’t done anything to provoke whatever emotion that IS driving this transformation, i was slightly alarmed. However, having been “cursed” with the gift of inquisitiveness, my mouth asked what the problem was.
I was right. She did feel murder in her heart but i was not the targeted piñata. That anger was totally channelled towards the tall lady that just walked past her stall, screaming at an unfortunate soul on the other end of the phone she was holding.
Ekwensu! Onye ojoo! Chineke m ka akpo gi oku!”, Mama Adaobi spewed vehemently. (Translated: Evil, bad person! My God will destroy you!) My gosh, whatever has Tall Lady done to warrant this kinda reaction?
Mama Adaobi continued as if she read my mind, “Her only brother died two weeks ago, leaving behind a young wife and her 2 year old daughter. This witch and her other 3 unmarried witch-sisters threw the wife out of the man’s house and changed all the locks. They gave her just a couple of days to pack out of a house the grieving girl suffered to build with her husband! Whatever did she do to them? Even if their hatred for her was this overwhelming, what about their brother’s daughter? Ndi uchu! That’s why nobody will marry them!” She finished and spat to the ground.
I turned to get a second look at Tall Lady. Yea, she does LOOK like she can pull this kind of evil stunt...but to what end? A young girl just became widowed and she has to add “homeless” to the list of all she has on her plate right now? Really? Why are we so inconsiderate? So insensitive to the pain of others?
“Love your neighbour as yourself”.
If this same action was meted out to these sisters, would they be all giggly about it? I pray God gives this faceless, nameless young widow the strength to grieve this loss and move on. He is, after all, the husband of the widows!
To happier things, Sisi_Yemmie’s mother is finally home! *Hey God, gbasibe!!!!* The woman was abducted in the early hours of last Sunday by 10...yes,10...akpu-obi men! Ndi uchu! Thank God she’s finally back home. Really thankful. Yemisi and her family can breathe easy now. Sisi_Yemmie is the blogger behind GISTDOTCOM.

Speaking of blogger, you know you guys did me amazing, right? Like i didn’t even know i was even nominated for last month’s 2012 Nigerian Blog Awards thingie under the Best Parenting or Family Oriented Blog category. But to go ahead and win...alongside Gbemisoke? Ah, you guys rock! I mean, what do i know? I just ramble on here. But, I AM TRULY HUMBLED you thought me worthy! Thank YOU!

Ok, that’s it for today.
Blogging, as i know it, is back on the regular now! No more unexplained hiatus. I’m back! Have a very Merry Christmas...



Myne Whitman said...

Na wa for some people sha, God help that widow. I didn't even know about Sisi Yemmie's mum, so thankful she's back.

Have a merry Christmas and New Year with your family.

HoneyDame said...

If u can come back to regular bloggig, i amt sire i have any tenable excuse left. So good to read from u. Some people ehn, until tables turn against them, they never know. So many^f us are excited abt Mama Yemmie's return o. U shoild have heard me screaming, u would v thought it was personal. Then again, it is. This community right here, for some of us, is some sort. Of family....i mean, look at u going ahead and clinching that award. ;). Merry Xmas babes!

Hazel said...

@Myne Really, na wah for some people especially us women. We have no love for each other.

Hazel said...

@HoneyDame Hunnnnay, if i could, so can u. No excuses.
And you are absolutely right...thiss community right here IS family. Kisses baby.

Enkay said...

Haba! The things people do to their fellow men, well in this case, women, is sometimes difficult to wrap my head around. How that young widow will overcome this double tragedy now, only God knows. *sigh*

This is my first time here, followed a link on twitter. Nice blog. I wish I could say with you "no more hiatus" I too am a runaway blogger. *covers face*

Hazel said...

Hiiii Enkay! Thank you for following the link and stopping by! *mwah* This hiatus-thingie is almost becoming a prayer-point matter! Lol

And yes, we are so mean to people we percieve as weaker than us. God will help her overcome. Really, He will!

Toinlicious said...

And she's back! Happy holidays ma'am

Honeydame, you have no more excuses babe. The way I was talking about sisi yemmie, you'd av thought she was my cousin

Cynthia C. said...

Madame Hazel! Hmn! Don't keep me waiting for this long again...please o. *kisses*

Hazel said...

@Toin @Cynthia I'm back. Not going anywhere anytime soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me! Kisses

'Lara said...

May God give the nameless homeless widow the strength to carry on with her life and as for those sister, God knows best what to do with them.

Happy new year