The fab Profashional and her Wardrobe Sale!

TWP in Babushka. Photo credit: BellaNaija
She's young, she's a beauty {a certified hottie according to BellaNaija} and she's all brains! If the fact that she's also a lawyer does not give credence to her "smart" status, the idea of her wardrobe sale should be able to point all doubting thomases in the right direction!

When Adaku U. (a.k.a ThirdWorldProfashional) tweeted sometime last week that she was having a wardrobe sale, i was all kind of excited! And the clincher: every item was going for a token of N1,000. I couldnt wait for Sunday the 9th! Anyone that knows TWP will attest to the fact that she is a fashionista! I couldnt believe that most of her red/green/yellow carpet ensemble and accessories {some of which have been worn just once} were up for grabs....just like that! Some folks would say...and did say...why sell already-used items, even if they were being sold at ridiculously cheap prices? Why not give to charity? I would argue: how charitable can this get...a pair of brand new Gucci sandals or a Deola Sagoe polo shirt which usually retails for N15,000 now being given away for a token?!

Anyways, i wasn't the only person excited about this sale {i infected my friend Miranda with my excitement too}. It was originally scheduled for 12:00noon but by ten o'clock that a.m, there was a sizeable number of chics waiting outside the gates! Needless to say, by the time yours truly was able to make it to the sale, a large chunk of the fabulous spoils were gone! Bummer!!! No worries though since i had eyes only for the bags and accessories....and i did score some!

Some of my buys: a butterfly necklace and an Aldo clutch...pure leather!

We are who we are: Shopaholics!!!

Putting up ninety percent of her wardrobe up for sale was a brilliant move on the part of TWP. It couldn't have been an easy decision to make, i am sure....chics/women are natural borne hoarders! The wardrobe sale, however, was a win-win situation type thingy. The shoppers were thrilled they scored really fabulous items for less and TWP got handsomely paid to de-clutter her wardrobe!

Amaka and Adaku {TWP} 

I had a fun afternoon on Sunday the 9th....bargain shopping makes me really happy! Appreciations to Adaku (@VivrantThing) for having us and to Miranda (@jerominababies) for letting me drag her with me!

TWP inspired a lot of young fashionistas with this sale that i'm sure there would be a few more wardrobe sales in the nearest future. Watch this space or follow on Twitter (@Zitera) for updates. Love and light...x


Zee said...

When is the NEXT ONE???!!!!!!!

Hazel said...

Hi Zee, the next one is on the 27th of December. Will keep you posted!!! Just watchh this space...err, blog!