...And 2011 Is Here!!!!

2011 is finally here!!!!!!!!!! The feeling of having made it through 365 days of many unknown variables to a brand new year is beyond exhilarating! I was moved to tears, as were most people...i'm sure, as i watched the long hand of the clock meet with the short hand at 12 midnight....ushering in Twenty Eleven! Songs of praise, words of thanksgiving were rendered to Him who seats upon the Throne! WE ARRIVED ALIVE!!!

Today, however, should be a day of sober reflections. With the new year comes the opportunity to start anew.....out with the old that were of no value to us or humanity; in with the new that would make us better beings! It is the time to re-assess and re-strategise. It is time for the husband to forgive that erring wife; time for the wife to forgive and welcome home her cheating husband; time for that mother-in-law to realise that her son belongs to another woman now; time for that daughter-in-law to understand, respect and appreciate that the 'witch' gave her husband life! It is time for fathers to quit bribing their ways out of (and be more hands-on with) raising their offsprings!

The new year is here! It is time to stop blaming those in authority and pray for them instead, as one family (we cannot under-estimate the power of agreement prayers en masse...case in point, Sharon). It is time to abort our pregnancies of hate and deceit and hypocrisy; time to wake up our consciences to the inhuman act of looting resources made for the mass just so our children can fly business class to choice exotic locations for vacatons, while turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the cries of the poor living in squalor, with little or no food on their tables and no hope of healthcare!

It is time to GIVE rather than TAKE! In his song, Lucky Dube says that Blessed is the Hand that Giveth than the Hand that Taketh! It is time to give hope...in any little way we can. It is time to give our prayers...to our families, to our friends, to our colleagues, to the our country! IT IS TIME!!

As we celebrate, let us make 2011 count! Happy New Year!!!!

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