In Her Shoes, What Would You Do?

The easiest time in the life of a mother is the nine months it took to incubate the child. Once that baby pops from the womb, life as you know it pops out of with it! In that second, you transition from a seemingly sane woman to a mad woman who screams at innocent urchins that had done nothing wrong, nothing except frustrate your every effort at some me-time with their attention-demanding antics. You scream, you beg, you shout, you cajole, you bribe, you punish but mostly you worry! You are worried: Am i raising this child right? Have i taught her enough to facilitate her growing into a young responsible God-fearing adult that would do my heart proud? You worry and you pray that God guide their every footstep.
What am i going on about? Here’s what. My neighbour’s niece just moved in with her. Her own mother threw her out of the house. The good niece is 16 years old and heavily pregnant!! Her mother couldn’t bear the “shame” and sent her packing. She is not faring any better in her aunt’s house but at least, there’s a roof over her head and food in her belly...aside of the foetus growing in there, that is. I also know this good Christian lady; one minute, her young daughter was preggers; the next minute, she wasn't!
If you were a mother and your teenager daughter comes up to you and says, “Maman, i’m pregnant!”, what would you do???? Welcome her with open arms? Hustle her off to the nearest doctor? Cry and wail out, “Why me?” Or generally beat the crap and the baby out of her? What would you do?
Its a tough situation to be in! Its a tough call any way you wanna look at it. I promise, i don’t ever want this in my cup. However, faith without works is babash and God really helps those that help themselves. So for me, sex education on her first ever period or earlier sef. I would pull the God-says-thou-shall-not-fornicate card but look how many of us that actually deterred from doing! I won’t even touch the you-get-pregnant-if-a-man-just-touches-you card. Didn’t work then; certainly not in this tech era that kids are so much wiser. So, i’ll embellish the truth a teeny weeny bit and feed her that version and hopes it keeps her till she’s 21. Why 21? Because, at that age she’s would be old enough to make informed decisions plus hopefully, her Prince Charming would come get her off my hands by then. Hehehehe...just kidding!
My version of the truth would probably go along these lines:
“Uloaku mama ya, you know i love you right? And i would never never lead you astray? So, now you are 10 years old and since you are my best friend, i wanna let you in on a secret. You see Chets’ twi {thats what my son calls his kini} you always used to grab when you were really little and both of you would laugh...yes i noticed...well, that twi is not as meek as it looks. Dont be is heavy artillery. Thank God you stopped playing with it a long time ago. Do not for any reason even touch it, not your brother’s or any other person that carries one around, until you are 21. You know why? Because if you as much as look at it before 21, your entire body will become bloated. Thats the sort of damage the twi can wreck. I reckon you still want to be a model when you grow up? You still do? Thats great. So tell me, what kinda model will you be with a bloated body? And thats not all. Your skin would become rumpled and you know how ugly you would look with a rumpled skin? *embellish, embellish and more embellishment*
Who am i kidding? If God doesn’t watch a city, in vain do the watchers watch! *sigh* If my teenage daughter tells me she’s pregnant, i have no idea what i would do. And that, my people is the honest truth. What would you do??
PS: I just finished watching Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story {again} and all i can say is WOW, God is truly, truly, truly-truly, truuuuuuuly, TRULY amazeballs!!!!! I do not acknowledge this enough!
PPS: Mucho gracias to Toinlicious and Coy-Introvert for the Versatile Blogger award. I’m so stoked. Will get to it as soon as i can! Thanx-a-sweet-bunch!
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Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

twi?lmao! Ive heard so many funny names...for that kini. Hmmm...i don't know what i would do to my daughter oh...clueless!

Anonymous said...

My dear, nothing one can do, its one of d worst nightmares for any woman with daughters. One will just have to do d sex education thing as soon as possible, bring them up d best way as possible and PRAY that God will watch over our precious angels. The good child is the father's but the bad ones , oh yes belong to mama, so dat statement tells me I have d greater responsibility to ensure my daughters always remain 'daddy's gals'. @sleekdemi

Anonymous said...


HoneyDame said...

peepee...sekele..endless list...lmao...
All I can say is unless God watches, all those who labor, labor in vain.
I hope I never find myself in such a situation.....I hope not

Coy~Introvert said...

I'm speechless, because I don't even know what I'd do. I don't think sex education is enough because in the world of today, everything you're about to say to that child, he/she already knows.
I think a great mother and daughter relationship does it, if your child is able to confide in you then there's a very rare possibility this would happen, because she gets to tell you the guys she's friends with, can even go as far as bringing them home, so they don't get to have meeting spots where anything can go down and this adds a limit to what they can do. But if a daughter can't confide in her mum, some are afraid like "if my mum sees you here she'd kill me", that would make them sneak around. If a survey is carried out I'm almost too sure most of the pregnant teenagers have this "sneaking" syndrome. Did I just make a post. I hope I make sense sef, lol.

You're welcome and I'm now following on twitter. :)

asanwa babie said...

But Mamman,I am pregnant :(

Myne Whitman said...

Honestly, I also don't know what to do. We can only do our bit as parents in education and above all, loving our children.

Anonymous said...

Coy introvert is so on point!you can't over emphasize the importance of daughter-mother relationship in raising daughters!I remember telling my mom almost everytin n it absolutely worked for me!above all may God watch over our children n lead them in d path of righteousness.
Nice n funny piece

Toinlicious said...

Lmao a ur explanation to ur son. Dis is a hard somthing o. I don't know and i hope i will neva have to find out mehn

p.s. ur welcome *hugs*

The Relentless Builder said...

I just passed the "Versatile Blogger" award on to you. Congratulations! Please check my blog ( for more details. Cheers!

Muse Origins said...

Sex education is important oh, but teenagers can be crazy mehn! I don't know what i'd do, but i know i won't abandon her!! Ever

Muse Origins

aloted said...

what can one do...

a friend once said she can deal with her unmarried daughter been pregnancy , at least it is a child and she can still get married..what she cant deal with is her child coming home saying he or she is gay. where will she start from?

May God help us all