One Step....In the Right Direction!

The Night That Was……

Saturday the eleventh, I saw a movie at the cinema!!!!!! *notice the exclamation marks behind that one mundane statement* Im sure it begs the question “Why is this news?” Allow me to kowa-tiate!!
Once upon a time, I knew all the haute hangouts and clubs in Lagos. My anchor loves to party and I, as his always-equal-to-the-task partner was always at hand…..i loved to play dress up! Once upon a time, I could confidently rave alongside my friends, about new movies because I get to watch them immediately they hit the cinemas.
Enter Chets and Bank! (my kids) The responsibility of taking care of a family is unbelievably humongous. Like, you have to be in it to understand where i'm coming from. If you also happen to be a career mom (as most of us are), catching a breather sometimes, become almost impossible. I hail thee Superwoman, if you still have a social life with all these!

I’m well aware that my social life is almost non-existent. Between crazy work schedules, hospital runs, pre-school homework, nanny dramas and every day hustling, i count myself lucky if I get an eight-hour uninterrupted sleep/rest time. Sometime last week, while rummaging through my wardrobe, I came across a couple of party dresses I had bought a while back that are yet to be ‘premiered'. That chance happenstance made me realize how much i had missed dressing up (suits do not count) and hanging out with my friends. It was then it dawned on me that my social life was in a rot! I had to do something about it.

First on my list was going to the cinemas again. Now, that was first for so many reasons: I dont need an invite to go to the movies and i get to hone my fashion sense (I was seriuosly losing touch). Plus i can actually now offer informed opinions when it comes to movie reviews ( i usually just nod and say, "yea, nice movie").
Having decided on my first line of action, i pinged a few of my friends and asked if anyone was interested in seeing a movie....the plan being to kill two birds with one stone( i havent seen my girls in ages and i just wanted to hang with them). We were all really excited!

Myself, sporting last season's Double Chin by CK and my bestie Bena, looking usual!

Few days to the day, Aisha begged off....she had to work on saturday (crazy work schedule claims its victim). Ketchup had a wedding she couldnt miss (bummer!).....and then there were three. Saturday morning, C2 called. Her kids were sick! (hope they are much better now). Thank God Bena did not bail on me (she always comes through for me). Phew, this year was so not going down as the year i did not step foot into a cinema!!!!!!

Cutting a long story short, i made it to the movies. I had no idea which movie it was we saw.....ooooh wait, i remember! It was Due Date. Anyways, i made it to the movies. I was hugely tired from all the errands i had ran earlier in the day but i was determined to check Going To The Cinema done in my to-do-list. We had fun but i sure missed not having the rest of the gang with us!

And so, ahead of the new year i make this resolution: Girls' Time/Night Out every once in a month! All these plenty work (without pay) and no play makes Mummy a grouchy/canterkerous "old" woman!


HoneyDame said...

LOl...with some luck, you will be able to get started earlier on your list this year.

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

it truly isnt easy being a mom and wife and working at the same time.....