The Psychology of a "Go-Getter"

For want of what to name this post, I’ll go with the Psychology of a Go-Getter. The dictionary would define a go-getter as an enterprising person albeit an ambitious one. Another definition would be someone whose career progresses rapidly.
Yesterday, I asked a few of my friends what would be an appropriate name for that one person in the workplace/office that delights in putting others down, or magnifies trivial issues to the ears that matter just to advance in his/her career path. There were lots of laughs….then the names started coming in!!
Don’t get me wrong: I’m a firm believer in being ambitious, in working hard and in working smart to move up the ladder rapidly, career-wise. However, there are those colleagues that bring such negativity to the table, its amazeballs…..hence the parenthesis in my Go-Getter!
“Escalating to Escalate” was one name/phrase I got….very apt since escalating trivials is usually their modus operandum. “Boss” was another. But the name that tickled me sideways was “Y” people (if you work in Lagos and you’ve been a ‘victim’ or a friend to a ‘victim’, you’ll probably understand why that name made the list).
To be fair, this trait is not restricted to a particular geographical area, if feelers from friends in diaspora are anything to go by. Black, white, yellow, red....some people just want what they want and do not care who they step on to achieve the set goal.

Sometimes, I sit and wonder what philosophy influences the actions of these set of people. Is it born out of the need to survive by all means possible or are people just simply sadistic and diabolical? They work harder than any other but, the hard work is usually in the full view of the folks that matter (eye service comes to mind).The worst kinds though, are those who come under the guise of friendship but are usually the first to announce your incompetence, to whosoever cares to listen…..usually behind your back!!! (I'll rather an obvious enemy than a frenemy)
That every office has one of these “escalators” is a fact I have come to realize and to some extent, accept. Every office, without exception! In different forms, colours, races, ethnicity! In fact, I’m inclined to believe that they are part and parcel of the dynamics of the work environment. Truth be told, some of them are usually helpful when you find yourself in a bind that involves the top brass….all that escalation and tattling endears them to the people that matter.

Genuine hard work should be commended and rewarded. However, nobody is above mistakes. In fact, without mistakes, there is no learning. I'm yet to see or hear of that person that has knowledge of everything. Preying on the mistakes of colleagues or capitalising on the weaknesses of others to advance oneself, is just wrong. Everybody has a "y" in them......c'mon, we are human, eternally selfish; the trait just stays dormant in some! And so, an occasional self-analysis, not unlike stock-taking, becomes a necessary tool!

Be wary of the toes stepped on today....they might be attached to the feet that could require licking tomorrow.

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