Two Weddings And A Garden

I quite like the clay pot twist to this fountain. Very original!

I finally got to visit Shodex Gardens, located opposite Anthony Village across the Ikorodu Road, last week and if i didn’t take anything away from that day’s excursion, at least i was reminded yet again NEVER TO JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!
I honestly never think of Shodex Gardens except in passing...literally...on my way to the island and i firmly believed that place had nothing to offer. My friend, Miranda, invited my brood and i to come hang with hers there. I never pass up an opportunity for outdoor entertainment for the kids...they must feel caged being indoors almost all the time. Plus the promise of physical and mental exhaustion is a powerful incentive; makes for less whining from the kids, more rest time for me! #winning
Chets, his paddy Bubu and Zi

Anyways, Shodex Gardens is such a serene place. Its much more than a botanical mire. In fact, its got a mini zoo within the premises. Chets couldn’t contain his excitement. He saw a spider monkey, not the Ben10 version, up close and personal. Ostrich, owl, crocodile, rabbits, fishes in the aquarium, ducks...he was sooooo excited i knew leaving for home would take the special Grace of God. That and sheer force on my part.

While we were walking the lush green grounds, we sighted this couple having a quiet wedding in one corner of the garden. WOW...Just the two of them and their pastor {we later found out a couple of their friends were outside the gates; the pastor just wanted a quiet moment with them}. This was a Thursday so you could imagine our collective astonishment at the setting. Miranda insisted we talked to them. Apparently, they wanted a micro-small wedding for no reason other than they would rather channel their energy and resources to making the marriage work. Sounds like a good plan to me. I bet their marriage would last more than 72 days too.

In hindsight, i should’ve had a micro-small wedding too, on a beach, just before sunset, just the two of us...and the Priest, and our witnesses, and our parents, and... See, the number don dey increase. But wait, I did mention the beach setting to my mother. She made a long speech. I swear i heard only two words: water spirits and deliverance. I booked the church next day. Oh, but i digress!
Came Saturday the 29th i went for yet another wedding, this time sans kids. It was a re-union of some sort. The groom was a “staff kid” {and thats what we called kids whose parents were lecturers in UNN} and the bride is a colleague. The crowd at the wedding was mostly guys and a few babes i knew from UNN. Major fun!


Meet my friend @Maynezee. We met on twitter a month ago; met her in real life 2 weeks ago and shes such a sweetheart. She was alreay coming for the wedding. Turns out she knows nearly all the UNN gang. It was like re-uniting with an old friend!

@Maynezee and Kimmy A

I told y’all it was major fun. Look who i ran into! @Sphinx640 thinks i had a crush on him back in school. According to her and i quote, “You did have a crush on him which you refused to act on and was just there blocking the rest of us!”...unquote. She’s been my bestie since year one...what does she know? Until i breathe my last, i stay denying that notion.
We were so into that gist we forgot we were supposed to be posing for this photo

Hazel & Ginika


Like my dress? Kimmy of VraiAmour hooked me up with this number. Made to measure, tailored to fit. I mostly loved the attitude at the back of the dress {sorry i didn’t get a picture of the unbelievably awkward in front of a camera}

Kimmy {BossLady, VraiAmour}

Kimmy does really good work. Im totally impressed with all the pieces she's made for me so far. She has a few of her work up on her blog VraiAmour. Go check it out.
How has everyone been? 


Third World Profashional said...

You look fabulous babe, nice dress. I've been to Shodex for a wedding, its actually really popular. The day I was there, there were 3 weddings taking place simultaneously.

The Relentless Builder said...

Shoddex gardens looks really serene. I was just as shocked to see the couple getting married there. LOL @ water spirits and deliverance ... Oh my!

And by the way, your outfit was hot (including the shoes).

HoneyDame said...

Wow!!That your dress is poooppping!!! I can't believe it isnt ready-made form obodo oyinbo! Those shoes too...woman, you nailed that look.
Is Chets the robo boy? Choi! I just want to reach into the computer and hug him.Z is soo cute. Prior to now, I had never heard of Shoddex gardens (but what do I really know sef?). Great thinking on the part of the owner sha.

LMAo@ water spirits and deliverance...#epic#

Maynezee said...

hahahahahhahahhahaha, Woman!!! Thanks for the advert, lemme know if anyone prices the 'ahia' *shines teeth*

This Shodex wedding is just my ideal wedding o. If only I wasn't an only daughter and my mum is probably going to hire National Stadium for mine *wipes brow*


Toinlicious said...

National stadium? lmao@Maynezee

lol@I bet their marriage would last more than 72 days too. I luv the idea tho. All dat money can go into investment.

I want that dressssss, class personified. and there is more action at the back?? *eyeballs poping*

aloted said...

lovely dress! ur friend is really talented

by the way the song playing on ur blog "I was made to love you" was the song Baale and I danced to at our wedding :) Love that song!

Hazel said...

@TWP Thanx babe. That means a lot. Didnt know Shodex was that popular. The grounds are so beautiful, a good event planner would wrough a beautiful garden wedding at that venue!

@The Relentless Builder That couple had the right ideas. The money we waste on these exaggerated weddings, eh. Thank you

@HoneyDame Thanx honey. Chets is the one on red tshirt...the one soaking up all the camera attention. Bubu is his paddy!

Hazel said...

@Maynezee The National Stadium???? Hahahahhhahahahha!

@Toinlicious Thanx babe and yesso, more action at the back!

@Aloted have a very romantic wedding, i can just imagine. That song is my all time bestest!

Anonymous said...

Just like u said I have never been into shodex gardens despite being a stone throw from my house. I'm already planning a pinic or sumthg in my head and this looks like the ideal place. As for that your outfit, I am so interested in seeing the back, don't be shocked when I do amebo come your house this break. Demmy

Hazel said...

@Demmy, Shodex would be ideal for any picnic you can cook up! As per the dress, do you know Kimmy is Uche's sister?

bugo said...

i love your dress boo! you are werking those shoes,love,love i!!!!

Labs said...

Hazel, those shoes are on point! U nailed it.

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

You look very good Hazel!

MsJB said...

Did you say 'made'? Wow that's a very lovely dress and it flatters your figure so much. she did a great job.

Chuwechuwe said...

"water spirits and deliverance" #hilarious.

you look stunning that dress.