2010:The Year That Was

In another day, the year 2010 will officially be over. Just as every year comes with its challenges, rough patches and excitement, 2010 was no exception! Personally, 2010 was a good year! Don’t get me wrong…I had major challenges along the way but my blessings way outweighs my perceived lows. Here are a few of them:

My Highs

  • Chizitara Uloaku A.  a.k.a ‘Tara Bank A.! My major 2010 all time high, my pearl, my daughter! Born March 14, a few days after my own birthday, she’s just pure joy….a prayer answered, literally. I prayed for a girl for so many reasons but mostly because I already have a boy, a boy so energetic and so full of mischief I can barely keep up….my one-man squad!! Two of him would be an over-kill, trust me! Zi is just so stress less. Feed her and play with her for a bit and she’s good.
Zi....at five months
Princess Zi

My one-man squad Chets
  • Dunno whether this should be a high or a low…or maybe a combination of both but on the 24th of June, my husband was accosted by three armed hoodlums. Though his car and some personal effects (he practically lived in that car) were taken away, his life was not!! Ok…this is a high! Imagine me being a widow, with 2 kids, at this young age?! Tufiakwa!!!!

  • I finally took the bull by the horn and registered my company Beddings ‘n’ Beyond. I love a beautiful, well-put together interior….who doesn’t? But I’ve come to realize that most of us usually restrict the “prettiness” to our entertainment areas…the living rooms, lounges and kitchens. Beddings ‘n’ Beyond caters for the often neglected but ultra important boudoirs, transforming your space from dull and uninspiring to bright and exciting!! I kid you not….my sheets are simply beautiful and soothing to the skin (style meets comfort). A trial will convince you! Anyways, this year I succeeded in turning a hobby into a hobby that pays!!! Yay me!


  • I got my looooooooooong overdue promotion on the 24th of December. Isn’t God just amazing?

  • I am alive….and well. That’s a high in my book!

The next column was supposed to be for my low points in 2010 but to be honest, I can barely remember them….the euphoria of the successes eventually overshadows the pain of sufferings.

Altogether, it has been an awesome year. God has been simply wonderful to me, my family and my friends! My little sis gave birth to my super-cute nephew Kanye; and so did my bestie Bena to Adibs and Ryls to Brume. It was a baby-fest this year….the list is just long (enough birthday chops come 2011).




PoshBug and Sosa got their Msc in record time and have already landed cushy jobs...and in the UK to boot!! Isn’t God just too bunz?!

NwaBugo and Eseosa

2010 was a great year but guess worth, 2011 will be greater! Can I get an AMEN! Im not that much of a believer when it comes to New Year resolutions but im gonna try really hard to abide by my 2011 resolutions…

  • Acknowledge His presence more in my life
  • Make an effort and then some more, to shed my post-natal body fat
  • Make more time for my family especially my children
  • Push Beddings ‘n’ Beyonds to the next level
  • Own one or two pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes (c’mon…mommies deserve some toys too)
  • Drive a Range Rover Sport!!! (im in love with that car and before you scream, I didn’t say own one….just drive one, even if its for 20 minutes)
These would have to do for now.

A big Thank You to all of you that made my 2010 so exciting! Miranda and Sophie (I am always in their prayers); Foluke and Ryls (both of you tried to disown me once…not happening! Im stuck on y’all like a leech…lol); my Rx Divas C2, Ketchup, Rukkie, Chinee, Aisha and Bena; my homies Tana, Isoken, Erhi; my pint-size larger-than-life bff PoshBug and our smallie, Eseosa; my find of the year, Amaka Agu; nwanne m nwanyi Nwahdee and of course you! Yes....you, reading this post. Thank you all so much for being part of my life! 2011 is so going to be a year of multiples testimonies for every one of us!!



miranda said...

Nice read,me like!!!2011 would hold better things for our God is able to do exceedingly more,far abundantly that we can ask,think or imagine!

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HoneyDame said...

I looovvvve your daughter's name!!!Chizitara?! I havent heard it before. I have heard Tara, but not Chizitara. What does it mean? Ha...you and your family and friends are into something o! How come you all have tommyhilfiger babies like this?! The babies (Big Boy inclusive) are so beautiful!