House-Help Chronicles [Part III]

My house help left today. 
Before the nay sayers and anonymous vermin get their knickers in a tight bunch, let’s start from the very beginning, shall we?
The first time I saw her in November of 2011, the day she was brought to my house, my spirit was all kinds of uneasy. Chic is a full-breasted [kegs for days], flat ab’d, skinny 21-year old wench. She came sporting this long-ass weave [most definitely a 22-inch weave]. Add her snooty i-am-not-available-please-keep-your-distance aura and I seriously feared for my marriage. I hear guys like those hard-to-get i’m-not-available types. But because I was in dire need of a house help, I employed her…with a caveat: she would be on one month trial period after which we would both decide whether or not we were good for each other. I was also buying time for myself. One month was also enough time for me to score another help, just in case. I was not prepared to let this envisaged bee-magnet stay longer than was necessary in my house.
She passed the one month trial period with flying colors. Chic is sensible, a hard worker, proactive and very organized. She knows what to do and when to do them. The kids are feed and bathed on time. I didn’t need to prompt her. And for the first time in a long while, I didn’t have to come back from work and go straight to slaving in the kitchen. In fact, I come home and food is literally running after me…
 “Mummy, can I bring your food?” This is even before I clear free of the front door
“Mummy, are you ready to eat now?” This is usually 5 mins later, as soon as I enter my bedroom
“Mummy, your food is getting cold. Should I bring it now?” 10 minutes later
“Ok, Mummy, can I at least bring water for you to drink?” 
And I would murmur within me, “Chic, do you plan to poison me? Fi le!"
But I loved that she asked and I adjusted her salary accordingly. Other helps I’ve had in time past couldn’t be bothered…whether I eat or not is none of their business. This chic was good to me.
Second week in February, she informed me that she would be going for her aunt’s burial in Calabar come first week in March. I know her aunt died; the drama played out in my house within the first month of her employment. What I didn’t understand was why she would want to travel all the way to Calabar and for an unspecified period of time. She couldn’t say when she was coming back and if she was coming back [I sweated a bit at this part]. Not again! I was a little angry but I made arrangements for a replacement. At least, she had the good sense to give me three weeks’ notice.
On Sunday March 4th, I finally realized why she wanted to leave.
This morning as she was prepping to leave, I called her and asked what her plans were. She said she’ll call me as soon as she was done with Calabar.
“So you are coming back?” I asked, very hopeful. She said yes.
“Good”, I said “But I meant what are your plans for your pregnancy?!”
Her head snapped up…and slowly dropped.
“I’m not pregnant”, she murmured.
“How far long are you?”
“Four months”, she answered.
“Who is the father?”
“My boyfriend”
“Does he know?” She had told me about this boyfriend of hers when I interviewed her.
“Yes, he does”
“What’s he saying? Are you guys planning on getting married?”
“He’s not saying anything…”
I sighed. Children having children. Children of nowadays just don’t get it. I was still in my early twenties when I became pregnant with Chets. I was married oo but I was scared shitless of that pregnant state. It was even worse when I had the baby: what was I going to be doing with this tiny creature? And I had this baby enveloped in the comforts of a marriage where i didnt have to worry so much about money, with a husband, mother and mother-in-law that loved me. Now imagine being 21, impregnated by a boyfriend that doesn’t give two f**ks about your present state, with parents that gives less than two about your wellbeing, jobless and nearly broke! Scary shit. I told her all this. Told her abortion was not an option. Considering how far gone she is, it would be a health risk. Also told her being a mother is definitely not a walk in the park. Your whole life changes. What happens to her dreams and aspirations...whatever they are? Or maybe being pregnant at the stage in her life is her dream? Who knows? But hard as it might be, if she gets it right, it would be totally worth it. I mentioned all these.
I doubt she heard anything i said.
I have a sneaky feeling she’s not going to come back. Not now that i know that she’s actually pregnant. Maybe she was planning to go to Calabar, remove the baby and come back? Who knows? But i made sure i drummed this into her ears: Whatever happens, whatever you decide to do, ring me when you get back from the burial. In fact, ring me if you need anything. Baby clothes, a helping hand...ring me.
I hope she does right by that baby. I hope she does right by herself. But i’m not entirely hopeful. That chic has plans! Considering how composed she was, she definitely has plans.
I do miss her. Who woulda thunk it?


Okeoghene said...

You have eagle eyes or it is a woman's intuition? How did you know that she was pregnant? Were there visible signs? She sounded that like a good girl with a head on her shoulders but then again.... Back to the search for another House-help. All the best.

ese said...

Wow,,,Good luck with your search. How did you know she was pregnant

Hazel said...

@Okeoghene @Ese The signs were all there...I just didn't notice them on time. Excessive sleeping all of a sudden (she could sleep for Africa I promise), unusual irritation, the unclasped jeans botton. It was all there. But because she was full breasted, it didn't really click. It just that on Sunday, she wore a huggy top and I saw the bump and the belly-button sticking out! Aint no way I don't know that's a pregnant bump! She used to have a flatboard tummy!

And fret not, I'm not looking for a new help which is one thing I give credit for. I already got a replacement...she waited until the replacement came!

Toinlicious said...

How come all d best house helps never stay for long? Sigh. I hope everything works out well for her tho.

OddNaijaChic said...

Now, this is sad. We used to have this same drama in my house. One time, My mum got a househelp because we were not always around what with school and stuff. She was really great. My mum loved her! She would even sing with joy as she was doing her chores. There was never a frown on that face. After a while, she got preggies. My mum watched her one day while she was washing and asked her ''are you pregnant?'' She was shocked that my mum knew.It turned out it was for her boyfriend who didn't care she was in that state. She had to go back to the village when she was really heavy. My mum really liked her so she supported her with some baby stuff and cash.

She was one great househelp while it lasted. She has a 3 year old daughter now and still comes from time to time to greet my mum.

Btw, i love your blog. I can imagine how really cool you must be as a mother.

U could check out mine at

@ilola said...

Hmmm, na wa o. The unfortunate things that happen in life, due to ignorance.
I pray you get another set of good hands

Jemima said...

Oh poor poor girl i feel for her, pregnancy i snot easy and she has her whole life ahead of her..God will help her sha..please follow up with her o, she will need all the support she can get

zimmer hip lawyer said...

Let's just hope that she will continue her pregnancy. You should at least played the fairy godmother by always encouraging her.

Anonymous said...

call me a bastard,but she shd terminate d baby if d guy isn't steppn up 2 d sis has a child dat nearly tore my house apart...d guy refusd 2 own up.d drama dat followd wasn't worth it and i wont wish it on my enemy.neva knew pampers and baby food were dat xpensive. On a lighter note,juxtaposin ya last post wt dis one,i couldn't help laffn.thot that mpa chets had done a doggy wt ya hot househelp.

Coy~Introvert said...
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Coy~Introvert said...

I really enjoy these ur house-help chronicles.
I know toin the good ones don't stay long, something must always make them leave. *sigh*
Thank God you have a replacement, let's see how this one goes.
I really wish her the best, sometimes these guys use sweet words that would make even a smart girl/woman act foolish but oh well...

Myne Whitman said...

Eh ya, I feel for the babe. I hope everything works out. It's nice to know you will be there for her where you can, well done.

Luciano said...

haba, this one good help had to get pregnant again. SMH
i hope she does the right thing

QMoney said...

pele,u dey try!!if u didn't have a daughter,i'd av suggested u get a house boy.girls fit kill person

I sent u a mail a long time ago about the blue royal bedsheet and i didnt get a response oh!