A Little Bit Of (Self) Respect

I am angry! No, make that mad! I am mad!
I love my girlfriends…..the ones that have taken the vow, carried a baby to term, birthed the baby, nurtured this baby to school age, worries about this baby and its father continuously….i love them!
When an unmarried Mr. gets together with a Miss Nobody and things progress to sex, “good” for them!....maybe they are trying to find love. But, a married Mr. and a Miss. Find-your-own-Man? That pisses me off, especially when the Mr. has not even celebrated his fifth year wedding anniversary (oh yes, the marriage is still that young!)
In my earlier posts, I had asked what could cause a married woman step out on her marriage in terms of cheating. It’s hard for a lady that has been through all the drama of nurturing a young family to wake up one day and decide she wants to get it on with another man unless a push has finally degenerated to that unbearable shove. However, it seems like some of the husbands do not need much of an excuse to cheat….anything from wrong colour of underwear, to food not being ready as soon as they mention the word “hungry”, to no reason at all, can have them running into the arms of another woman! Heck, the society even condones it and in some cases, applauds it. Today’s post isn’t about the cheating husband; it’s about the arms, the unmarried skanky arms that open so wide to welcome and accommodate a fellow woman’s husband….
If you have caused another woman to be beaten to an inch of her life by her husband while her children watched; if you have deprived a child the love and attention of his father because he’s too busy doling those out to you and you are too busy receiving to care about the damage you are causing a young life; if you have caused a 4-year old boy to become the man of the family and consoles his weeping mother night after night as she waits for her husband to get home; if you have caused that adorable little girl to swear never to marry if marriage is like that of her parents, I have news for you……Karma is a bitch!!! Until you have been in hers shoes….you have no rights whatsoever to her man!!! WTF!
For those that would justify it as love, go ahead and love another woman’s man. However, do bear in mind that what goes around eventually comes back round. You aint gonna be young forever. Eventually, you will get married and have a child/children of your own. After you’ve been through the pains of labor for all of 36 hours and given birth to the child through caesarian section; after you’ve grown from your perfect size 6 to a 12 or prolly a size 14 with a flabby fat stomach to boot, another two-bit chewing gum-popping skank will come along and help herself to your man.
My opinion: if we have a bit of respect, both for ourselves and for our fellow women and match these erring men back to their families, our lives would count for something. If half the love and attention and financial resources being showered on these faceless “other” women are infused back into the family unit, the outcome can only be positive!
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Fran said...

You've said it all my dear! What one sows - they will surely reap!

Hazel said...


HoneyDame said...

Uhm! I will say let's share the responsibility equally among these culprits. Believe it or not, some men go the extra mile in deceit. What if the skank doesnt actually know that she is with a married man? Believe me, I have seen it happen over and over again. The greater skank is the husband, who is too chicken to work on his marriage but would rather jump out and go a-fishing, at the expense of his wife's happiness and faith in him. As for the skank who knows it is a married man, yet still calls the wife's bluff, may it be unto you as you have done to others.

Hazel said...

Well said, HoneyDame, well said!