Fathers' Day Fest

Work has been beyond mental these past few days.....straight from the pits! I thought this post woulda gone up five days ago on Monday but i apparently underestimated the power of a tired soul and a stressed body. Topic for another post if i ever get round to writing it. Apologies though, for this late-ass post!

Anyways, if your childhood was anything like mine, then its relatively safe to say that children tend to overly appreciate the mother, with good reason i dare say, while the father is relegated to the spare debit card that shells out dough with the tapping of the right buttons. According to this twitter handle @Kennagq and i quote ," Don't bother bother dragging affection of your kids with your wife. You are bound to lose. She already bribed them with nine months free housing!" So true! However, a father’s epileptic presence at home as compared to a mother’s should not and really does not diminish the father’s importance to his kids. And so on Sunday the 19th , to remind them how much they mean to us, fathers the world over were celebrated on Fathers’ Day!

Who else finds it really difficult and frustrating to shop for gifts for the menfolk? I mean, with the women, its a breeze...we get wow’d by the littlest things. Shoes, designer bags, baffs, the latest in gadgets and we are good, well, until the next gift-deserving occasion. It takes me an entire year to figure out what to get the hubby for valentine’s day or his birthday or fathers’ day...plus i need that ridiculous length of time to save up for a “worthy” gift {the life of a church rat}.

So when my friend Meerandah suggested that a group of us, whose husbands pretty much hang together, treat the guys to a surprise Fathers’ Day hangout, we all jumped at the idea. It was just the thing for so many reasons, the least of them being that we get to see friends and plus-ones that we haven’t seen in ages {Gidi does that to friendship}. That idea saved me having to engage in last minute gift hunting for Chet’s father. The plan was adopted and put in motion. The major hitch, however, was how do we get a group of 7-8 guys together, guys that usually let themselves in on their hangout paroles and especially on Sundays, when they meet at some joint to “fellowship”…..How do we get them together without them being any wiser about the surprise we had in store for them?  We all decided to tell our various spouses that we were eating dinner out to celebrate the day and went ahead to paint a really cozy picture of dinner pour deux, with the wifey getting the tab…. Needless to say, individually, they couldn’t resist the offer…and we were good to go.

We had the laughs of our lives, us girls, when couples started strolling into Four Points by Sheraton. You could see that jerk/look of surprise, then confusion, then acceptance and finally pleasure on the guys’ faces. Where one thought he was just going to have dinner with the wife, there’s now a roomful of homies to share the fun with. And they didn’t havta cough out a dime for that!!!

Isoks and Erhi
It took me forever to upload this and its now bent again? Ok now. Anyways, we were supposed to colour-code our ensembles Thank God some people rebelled in the end...we woulda really looked like school girls {which is not so bad. Or is it?}

L-R Isoks, Bola, Meerandah, Erhi and Tana

Us girls

Babes checking our bill to make sure we didnt get screwed over. Not ready to wash plates in Four Points. Just kidding...
The couples:
It was their one-year wedding anniversary. Awww! He was really expecting that dinner for two. Congratulation guys, on your wedding anniversary! In other news, i like a guy in touch with his feminine side: that purse was well handled! Cute!

Tana and her boo, Nwora {featured them under Events, for their son's 1st birthday}

Isoks and her boo, Dre

Uzo flew solo...wifey wasn't in town

Meerandah and boo, Jerome

Erhi and boo, Bome

Me and my boyfriend 'Jaik
The best part of that evening was getting the bill! It was such a trip. We set the guys and of course we had mad fun doing it. Now we wait...yes, we wait for Mothers' Day{s} next year to collect on the dividends of this investment. LOL!

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HoneyDame said...

AWWWWW..That is sooo cute!!! Ur boyfriend uh? Ok o! Been a bit I saw u at my end....Well, been a bit I saw me @ my end too. Take it easy with the work though!

bugo said...

aww...so sweet..I see your boyfriend! x

Hazel said...

@HoneyDame, i have missed you on Blogger. Welcome back.

@Bugo, you know everything!

Anonymous said...

this is Meerandah saying hello and well done Zee!

Yankeenaijababe said...

Aww, that's so great and cutie, love couples hangout, looks like FUN!!!LOVE the outfit too, nice on ya

Yankeenaijababe said...

.........That twitter joke was one fun one, what the heck? 9 months of bribe, OMG!