And You Became God, When?

A few weeks back, my job disengaged the services of a good number of its management and non-management staff. That incident was so unexpected and sudden, it left most of us floundering as fishes fresh out of water. I’m sure if checked, error rate on said day must’ve been 200%; morale was at its lowest! It was, however, towards the evening, after we’ve had the chance to kick off our shoes...and all pretences at diligence...that my colleague got the call that prompted this post. The caller was Levi*, one of the security men at my job.
Levi had been summoned to HR earlier that day. He had no idea why he was sent for but before he left, he met with my colleague and asked her to pray for him...just in case. The call she got was Levi confirming his fear: he’s been asked to resign too. Before she could conjure the appropriate sympathetic burble to offer, Levi told her not to worry; I didn’t sign the letter, he said. We were stunned. Who doesn’t sign their resignation letter when their company advises them to do so? He said he didn’t and that he respectfully demanded that they explain why he was being sacked. Balls of steel! But he got his answer: his boss wrote to say that Levi was impossible to work with! Levi
said he was shocked but not entirely surprised; he said he argued his case and left without signing the letter. He called to ask that we pray for another job for him, so hunger will not finish him and his family.
We were so outraged on his behalf...and all that negativity we directed to the Chief Security Officer! How long has Levi been a thorn in his flesh? Who did he tell? How was it handled? There’s the head of operations; there’s the head of marketing and there IS the branch head. Which of these people did he discuss Levi’s insubordination with? Did he, in his finite wisdom, assume that three of them together CANNOT douse Levi’s skoi-skoi towards him that he skipped them entirely and went straight to HR?
We were still searching out answers to these questions when we heard from a few more of Levi’s co-workers, saying that they don’t get along...Levi and his boss. Sh*t just became personal. The professional staff(s) that were laid off got a substantial sum to cushion the bump. Levi is a low level security man, who couldn’t even house his family in Lagos because of expenses; he had to leave his wife and two kids in the village with his mother. Only God knew how much his severance package was and how long it would’ve last for him before a next gig comes up. We felt he was victimized and that it wasn’t the CSO’s place to architect his removal...even if he didn’t foresee outright sack. That job was God’s, if and when He deemed it fit!
The next morning, we saw Levi at work. Ahn ahn! What happened? He said on his way home, he got a call from HR saying he should resume back at the office! Wonderment! We were so happy for him. As soon as i got the chance, i called him to find out what really happened:
“Madam, abeg follow me thank God ooo. Some people wanted to rubbish me but God answered my prayers o!” He was so excited.
“Yes o,” I agreed, “God really answered your prayers!”
He was just starting to bad-mouth the CSO when I asked him to sit down. How many of his colleagues have been recalled a few hours after they’ve been sacked, i asked him. He said none. What’s with you and the CSO? He said the man just hates him for no reason. “Nonsense man! God pass am!”
Hush, i said to him. Do not think you are entirely without blame in this case. I always thought you a nice guy because you are really nice to me. But between yesterday and today, we’ve heard so many negative reports about you, both from professional and support staff alike. All of them cannot be wrong! All of them cannot be after your downfall unless someone is strongly pressing your buttons from the village. Now you have a rare opportunity, a second chance to make things right. Take these complaints, search yourself. Correct the ones you can; ask God to help you with the ones you are powerless to put right. And most importantly, be the model subordinate to your boss. Show him, in your interactions with him, how wrong he was about you. Show him how much of an asset you are to his team. Forgive him. Do your bit and leave the rest to God! He alone will judge.
He took these all in, expressed his appreciation and left!
Three to four weeks later, another set of disengagement letters came. The CSO got one of them! Sacked!
You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgement on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgement do the same things. Now we know that God’s judgement is based on the truth. So when you, a mere man, pass judgement...and yet do the same thing, do you think you’ll escape God’s judgement?
                                                                                                                      Romans 2: 1-3
Did i mention that Levi is an MFM member? Oh yes, he is and according to him, he prayed for his boss every day after that incident. Gheuns!
Touch not my anointed; do my prophets no harm...


Anonymous said...

Did Levi 'pray' for his boss or did he merely ask GOd to judge the situation for him? Lol. God trully answers and astounds when we least expect it!

HoneyDame said...

what in the worldd???!!!!!!

Myne Whitman said...

Things are definitely all they seem.

Luciano said...

say what?! SMH
now singing *God that answers by fire.......**

P.E.T. Projects said...

Prayer of faith?
Unmerited favour?

Which ever one it is, there are lessons for us all... some dont get second chances!


Che said...

Levi was privileged to have gotten a second chance and those were words of wisdom that you gave him. Hope he listened well to you. He must have gone to the "mountain" and petitioned his case before God. As for the CSO, I feel for him, but life goes on..

Lots of lessons to be learnt.

Che said...

Hope you still do the Hands Free Sunday thingy.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to a friend with you.
But may give you somethings special, friends?
You should to try it. It's free.

Anonymous said...

If I was asked to give this a title, Ild have called it 'Levi did not sign' because this is how it ministered to me. When man says its over, go and ask God first for His opinion. Levi refused to sign his resignation letter and he got his job back. Whatever you believe is not yours, from today, please reject it and don't accept it. 'By fire, By force'.
God is still on the throne

Fluffycutething said...


Dr fomsky said...

This is interesting: I'm really happy for Levi. WoW! He was bold to ask the reason why he was being fired.