Blog Numero Uno

Okay! So, i'm finally here...seemed like it took forever. I haven't much to write about today; im more or less testing the waters, blog-wise. i do love the idea of blogging...i finally have a portal to channel my triumphs, frustrations, excitements, struggles without fear of any backlash or recrimination whatsoever! Its an awesome feeling!

Today, i got to visit a really close friend of mine that i havent seen in a long while. Now, this is news because this friend stays just a coupla blocks away from me! The hectic schedule of work, the crazy traffic of Lagos and the numerous "crises" at the homefront makes its almost impossible to have a life....forget socializing.
So, any chance i get to see my gurlfriends and "gossip" about fashion, men, weight loss, hair pieces..the list is long sha...any chance i get to gist about anything other than where to get bargain prices on diapers and baby food, i cherish!

Emmm, duty calls! Havta put the baby to bed. Blog later!

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