Much Ado About The KGs

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It’s become an obsession. Show me that group of 2-3 ladies and I can tell you authoritatively that the discussion will eventually turn to weight loss.
The year was 2005. The place was a salon in Port Harcourt. The owner of the salon was in her early 30s and very chic. Through the forty five or so minutes I spent there, she was on the phone chatting about how much weight she had lost and what she used, would use or will continue to use. I remember thinking: Why won’t this woman just give herself a break? After 3 kids, she’s still making weight loss priority. Little did I know! Sighs!
The year is 2010. Marriage, pregnancies (yes, plural!) and childbirths down the road, I am the one obsessing about weight loss.
The weight loss business/industry is one that won’t slow down, considering that most of us will not stop eating and there’s little or no time (or just plain laziness) to exercise. From weight loss pills, to diets, to herbal concoctions, to forums, to exercise; from GNLD and FLP products, to Quincy Herbal Slimming, to St. Eve’s Concept (lose 3-5kg in 7 days or money back guarantee); from Acai Berry (popularized by Oprah), to QuickTrim (endorsed by the Kardashians), to Seawidslim and to, mostly recently, the Ardyss BodyMagic. The list is long.
We can’t all have bodies like Kim Kardashian  or Heidi Klum. Some women are born with amazingly good genes like my bestie, @sphinx640. Some of us aren’t so lucky.  Plus size or skinny, however, shouldn’t matter to anybody else except you. Being confident or feeling sexy, most often than not, has nothing to do with looks….it is more all about the attitude.
We are who we are.
On this note, I implore anyone privy to information that can help me shed a minimum of 10kg in the shortest time possible, to holler. As long as it does not involve extreme dieting, rigorous exercises (no time really plus I AM lazy) and “pills”, I am game!
I am who I am! *WINK*      


HoneyDame said...

LMAo..really? I thought you just said you "we are who we are"....
Me i dont know any regime o but mbok, when you find, forward to Please no water/fruit diet. No rigorous exercise

enjaykay said...

babe try this guy. heard he is good but dont know how true. email is name is joe okoro. try skipping it really helps no matter how small. am extremely lazy but it has helped me no doubt.