His & Hers Valentine!!

Yes, it’s true, Valentine's Day is really a day for women, which means the guys are the ones expected to make dinner reservations, create a romantic atmosphere and buy gifts. It might not be fair, but if you want your relationship to work smoothly for the rest of the year, Valentine’s gifts are essential....afterall, its a man's world, right? Right!! Errmm, wrong..if thou art a married woman. The chase is over; you've been "bought", sealed and delivered....HE IS NOT EXPECTED TO MAKE DINNER, OR BUY GIFTS!! Infact, brainstorming over what to do and gift on Valentine's Day becomes many a wives' "cup of tea".....if he does make dinner reservations and showers you with gifts or conjures a romantic getaway for you, i have only these three words to say: You Lucky Girl!

Anyways, Valentine's Day is a few days away. Last week, i took the liberty of asking unsuspecting sources "What would be the ideal Vals gift from your better half?" You would double over in laughter at some of the answers i got. From babies, to cars, to N1m cash gift, to a minage-a-trios...the list goes on! Here's the top five gift ideas {for both His and Hers} from my findings.....


Surprisingly, eighty percent of the female sources wanted Rings....engagement ring, new sets of wedding rings, eternity rings. Imagine being proposed to on Val's Day?? Nothing tops that!!! Well, not anything i can think of right now!  

If she's as bag-crazy as i am, this bag {or its siblings and cousins} would make her year...and yours too!
Guys, you can never go wrong with buying her a bottle of perfume or two! If you are the adventurous type and at a loss as to perfume choice, do give Womanity by Thierry Mugler a try! And i love the bottle...its as cute in  person as it is in picture. On another level, nothing says FEMININE like pink and a chain: you get your "girlie" and you get your "tied down" too! Hehehe...

Ahhh! Need i write more? But be careful when gifting this hand-held, seeing as our technological age period had made it possible for people to be less present where they are and more present somewhere else! {The Hubby has taken to seizing my BB as soon as he gets home from work...the BB was fast becoming a rival for my attention!}
My crystal-ball says there's a good chance you'll get some on Val's night if you gift this!!!


If your OAO {One and Only} is a techie and you really appreciate that about him, this is the "machine" to gift. "Any full blooded male gotta have a PS3. If not, they're gay!"...says Busta, a good friend of mine! I'll be quick to add here that The Hubby's got one...can't have him labelled gay!!! *wink*

Guys love their toys.

Romantic getaway, time out from the kids especially, to rekindle love.....

 Guys are NOT high-maintenance! A good dress shirt with a few accessories...and kisses...thrown in would do the intended damage!

Valentine's Day, however, should not about how much money will be spent on loved ones. The day should be about appreciating folks that have stood unquakingly by our sides through our highs and lows! If it takes buying a car or a box of chocolate or a bouquet of roses or a greeting card, to appreciate the special one{s}, so be it!

What is gifted doesn't have to matter...its the thought behind it that counts! Happy Val's Day in advance, my lovers!!!

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