Another Day, Another Snatched Baby!

Enioluwa Odegbaike

Evil has been unleashed again in Lagos, this time on 10 months old Enioluwa Odegbaike on Sunday 13 February. Taken in their Magodo residence by a nanny that was barely one week old  in their employement {and taken while his mother was in the shower}, Enioluwa has been missing for 24 hours and counting!!

How can we help? Please pray for his safe return, and call 07085534788 or the police, if you have any information!

NB: Will update this post as soon as i have more deets! As of now, the parents have been contacted by the perpetrators and ransom demand has been made! You can also follow on twitter @Zitera for the updates. Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Let us help bring Enioluwa home!!!


Its almost 7 days now....Enioluwa is still missing. Sources close to the family say there's been a call to say the baby is fine. I cannot ascertain now whether a ransome demand has been made and how much but there are feelers to that effect. At this point, we can only pray that God touches the hearts of those holding him. Thank God for technology and the social networking sites...BBM, Twitter and Facebook have been really instrumental in creating awareness as to this kidnap! Here are some of the messages/broadcasts going around:

  • "Please Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, declare war on these kidnappers! They are taking away the little freedom we have!!"
  • "President Goodluck Jonathan and Gov Babatunde Fashola, if your son was kidnapped, where will your energy be channelled right now? Will it be re-election or getting your child back?...Declare war on the kidnappers and find this boy even if he's not a journalist!!"
  • "Parents, uncles, aunties, please lift your voices in prayers for the safe return of Enioluwa Odegbaike who was kidnapped by his nanny last saturday. Join our prayer chain....May this sort of evil NEVER happen to any of us!!!
PLS, lets all do the best we can to get this child home....Creat more awareness and Pray until Enioluwa gets home...ALIVE AND WELL!!!!


Anonymous said...

First, it was oilworkers, then celebrities, then aged parents of well-known figures, then school children and now babies! In my opinion, kidnapers shld get the death penalty...maybe that wld check the trend!

Hazel said...

I know what u mean, Anon. Its the saddest thing ever!