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Jennifer Hudson with her son

OMG!!!! My mouth is still wide open in astonishment. When I saw the picture of Jennifer Hudson at the Grammys, I thought “Ok, this chic is really determined!” From a size 18 or was it 20 sef to a size 6 is no mean feat. I was really proud of her…still am: she rocked that dress at the Grammys. But her look yesterday knocked the socks off my fat feet! The chic looked like she lost even more pounds…and in a record one week!

I am inspired, like majorly!!! Seeing the chunk of weight this chic had lost over time, I now know that I too CAN, if I put my mind to it. Just in case you cannot remember what she used to look like when she first came into limelight {from the days of American Idols and the movie Dream Girls}, here’s a pic to remind you…

On the 1st of February, I decided it was about time I tackled my weight problem. Yea, a problem because I used to be a curvy lepa shandy! Ok, maybe not a lepa shandy but y’all get where I’m coming from. It was time i took charge..i had deluded myself enough with the post-partum weight gain excuse. And so, I went on a hunger strike of some sort for a few days, rediscovered my tolerance {not love; never love} for fruits and veggies and lost a whooping 5kg in the month of February! Hehehe! Don’t knock my efforts. I tried…Rome was not built in a day!

My recent weight loss journey was inspired by this photo. Yea, I am the FAT one!

In a world where liposuction and gastric by-pass reign supreme, humongous weight loss such as Jennifer’s through good old dieting and exercise {I’m assuming} deserves commendation. That being said, I commend myself also for the 5kg I lost. If I had a private chef, a personal trainer and a nutritionist at my disposal, plus if my career/means of livelihood depended on my body mass, I’m sure I will surpass even my expectation! Determination is not what i lack...i have it in truck loads. Seriously, i am determined to wear a Bridget Awosika flirty dress and a Meena jumpsuit. If thats not determination, then i don't know what is!!! Anyways, there’s always March to look forward to.

I am inspired to do better than 5kg. I am Inspired...Fullstop


Fran said...

Wow! 5kg!! Well done! The key is to keep it up and since you've got the determination - there's nothing stopping you. All the best and God Bless.

Hazel said...

Thanx, Fran and keep coming back...x