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The Arguments:
v  Rape is forced, unwanted sexual intercourse.
v  Rape is about power and not about sex. A rapist uses actual force to take away a person’s ability to fight back. Often times called Sexual Assault also, rape can happen to both men and women of any age.
v  Marriage is a contract between a man and his wife.
v  Conjugal right a.k.a right to sexual intercourse is part of the terms and conditions of that contract. Saying “I DO” means clicking “I Accept” the Terms and Conditions.
Question of the Day:
v  Can a man truly rape his wife?
Comment your know you have one about this issue!


Olori said...

yep a man can rape his wife and a wife can rape her husband....marriage is a vaguely defined, ever transforming contract as both of u grow and mature and both parties are equal partners so I can use my discretion to say yes i agreed to sex but tonite mba nu and u can try to convince me to change my mind respectfully. anything else is equal to collecting money at gun point. i gave u my money but not of my own free will. d only thing d contract says about sex is complete refusal of sex by one party to the other is a breach of contract. However, just as u arent allowed to just kill ur business partner dat did u 419 dats how ur not allowed to just go nd rape ur spouse cos dey denied u sex

Hazel said...

Olori ooo!!! LWKMD!!! I totallly agree with you. But i also know this issue has so many grey areas. Thanx for stopping by. Sloppy kisses....x

fifi said...

Yeah,a man can rape his wife.As long as d wife did not consent to making love to him that day and he forcefuly had his way,my dear it is ''RAPE''.

Anonymous said...

LMAO....Too much plenty plenty grey areas like you said. But yes, it is very possible for a man to rape his wife. However, if a man is not hard, he can't penetrate. So a woman raping a man is a bit further-fetched that the flip case.


Mimi B said...

Yes ooo!

If she doesn't want to have sex at the moment and he forces himself on her against her will. That's rape.

If they have an argument and she obviously doesn't want to get romantic with him and he forces himself on her. That's rape.

If they are separated and he shows up at her place and forces himself on her. That's rape, even though they are still legally married.

So my dear, in essence, yes, it's very possible for a man to rape his wife. Shikena.

Olori said...

LOL kisses right back at u

Muse Origins said...

Yes yes!! A man can rape his wife. As long as she doesn't agree it's rape!!!!! No two ways about it.

Yesterday, i heard one guy say that 1 man cannot rape a woman. I was like EH??!!

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Muse Origins

Coy~Introvert said...

yeah I think a man can rape his wife. Like you said rape is not about sex but about power where the rapist takes away a person's ability to fight back while in marriage sexual intercourse which is conjugal right is sex between two consenting adults.

lady_moyodee said...

Nice one olori. lmao.