Morbid post alert!

Of late, i’ve become obsessed with the subject of mortality. Maybe because of the many deaths and natural/unnatural disasters happening the world over. I cant help but think, “If i die today what next? What happens to me? Will the great beyond be like in the dreams? Heaven? Hell? WHAT NEXT?

Im afraid...very afraid...and not just for me. Im afraid for my kids. What happens to them? If they died today, will they make Heaven? Have i taught them enough to guarantee that? If there really is heaven and hell, it would kill me for eternity if they do not make heaven!!!

I saw, really close up, a dead body lying on Ikorodu Road today. It looked like it had been lying there for days. From afar, it looked like that body was beheaded. The head was still attached...just that it was at an unholy/unbelievable angle! OMG!!! *shivers* It was a full grown man, someone’s child, lying on the road like an animal...a road kill!!! *shivers*

Truly, everything is vanity upon vanity! Find Christ today!!!!!

#notetoself: Shake this mood off!!!


Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

Funny enough.. me too!
for a while, i keep thinking about it.
questions like "what will happen when i am gone'.. "would i like to be buried or cremated".. "would it hurt if i am cremated" etc.
i pray for long life and prosperity for all of us.
we shall not die young.but live to testify the goodness of the lord and enjoy the fruit of our labours

HoneyDame said...

Uhhmmm...Just the other day, there was an earthquake. I was home wv my sister, sleeping. There was no fore-warning. We were only asleep for an hour and then we set out.It was while we were out that people started talking about it. Then I realized that the worst could have happened....while we were asleep. I imagined me going to bed consciously and waking up only to realise that I am being flogged by the devil himself....not a good feeling...not a good feeling at all

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

lately its been on my mind too

Destiny said...

Heaven or Hell, where would we spend eternity, all the vanities of this world shall pass away, only a soul in christ shall make's all by the grace of God, am a sinner many times and only by his grace am living my life ...sin, ask for his forgiveness and keep praying everyday to make it at the end.