Won Him In A Drunken Bet!

Today is my marriage anniversary! 17th of February is my wedding anniversary. Confused? Read up on Bonne Anniversaire for clarification. So my girl Bid thinks i’m eating my cake and having it and threatened that if i didn’t  justify the gifts i get today by working “hard” tonight, i was gonna be sorry. This post is about the only thing that would appease her plus it really would be fun walking down memory lane J
So, did you click on this post link as soon as you saw the title hoping to get the scoop on how a grown man was won in a bet? Hehehe! Aproks is such a sweet pasttime. Now i know why and how gossip rags and tabloids sell so much with their ridiculous headlines meant solely to deceive folks into patronizing them...
Not that I'm deceiving anyone here today! I did win my hubby in a drunken bet. Maybe not the Hollywood kinda betting scenario where someone put him up as leverage and I win him! Nah, nothing so dramatic! All I can say is that there was a bet, and there were alcohol and there was him and then, the start of that journey!
I was in my 2nd year, School of Pharmacy University of Nigeria, Nsukka! Can i get some Lions and Lionesses to roar??? Oohkay...back to the gist! For some reason then, our school calendar differed from that of the rest of the university, except for prolly the medical students, which didn’t matter much because they were in another campus. Anyways, the difference in school calendar meant that we usually wrote exams when the rest of the school‘s on holiday, possibly to minimise distractions...i can only guess. If you were staying in school accommodations, that period sees you getting new Rx roomies....we were all usually holed up in one or two designated hostels for security reasons!
Activity pattern was pretty much a straight line: from hostel room to the classroom for lectures, then to library to study, then back to the classroom for revisions and finally back to the hostel room to sleep the rest of the day away against the night’s marathon reading a.k.a TDB (Till Day Break)! No parties, no hanging outs, no behind-Ziks’ flat fries runs, no drunken truth or dare sessions, no boys!!! Very linear life....extremely boring!! I wonder how we even fed those days. Oh, i remember...die-hard Mama Leke's joint! Without that woman and those urchins that usually assisted her, we woulda been subjected to lemming on okpa or noodles of the boiling ring variety or bread and Coca Cola for survival! UNN was a community in itself...stepping out to town to search for food was seriously looooong thing!
Anyways, there i was trying to sleep against TDB on that fateful day! Well, i wasn’t “trying” to sleep. I was well asleep but my new roomie and her male visitor chatting up a storm roused me from my slumber.  Topic of dispute: Alcohol and their tolerance or is it intolerance for it! Seriously, couldn’t they have had that discussion without raising such hell? Somehow though, i got drawn into the discussion. My roommate has got such a vivacious personality you can’t help but roll with the punches! So, i got embroiled in the discussion and before i knew it, i was boasting of downing three small bottles of Guinness Stout and still stand on my feet {{there’s something wrong with that last sentence but i can’t place it for the life of me}}. As at the time of this declaration, i had never tasted alcohol, except for those sips my daddy allowed me off his beer glass when i was much younger. I figured if it didn’t trip me then, it wasn’t gonna start now!
Like joke like joke, bets were placed and off we went to Ekpo Ref, Njk, Male Visitor and Yours Truly! Was it Ekpo Ref? I forget but the joint was a hub of activity, 24/7. The bet was that if after two bottles of the stout brew i was still standing, i get a certain amount of money. The amount is a bit fuzzy now...this happened nearly eleven years ago! What i do remember was the excitement i felt!!! Kai, a welcome fun change from the dreary routine of exam period!
I learned so much about myself that day. The one glaring lesson, though, was that i do not have a head for alcohol! At all!!! Till date sef! ‘Twas a lesson i learned the bitter way, pun so not intended! I thoroughly disgraced myself. Half way through the first bottle, i was spewing gibberish. My brain thought one thing, my mouth churned out another! I remember Male Visitor asked what 7+7 was. My brain though 14; i answered 49, then 77, then 47! Wow! That wasn’t all! Hand-eye coordination deterioriated to non-existent! Who woulda thunk it possible? Certainly not me! I was so sure i would hold my own, liquor wise! Boy, was i wrong! My eyes wouldn’t stop rolling in their sockets! People, i was half-dragged to my room!
And that was the state i was in when i met the hubby. Male Visitor was his bestie and after he heard the gist, he came to see the pint-sized drunken albeit cute Pharmacy chic for himself. Yes, he thought i was cute. Still thinks i’m cute. Which is sooo cute! The rest....is history!!!
So i lost the bet but i gained me a friend and an amazing man! Totally #winning!
Bid, there you have it! Satisfied?! You best be withdrawing that threat right about now!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! That was sure an interesting way to catch a man. Happy anniversary once again and I hope all what we discussed was put into practice.....

Hazel said...

For where? LOL

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! I cant picture you getting your man in a less crazy way.It just suits the mental profile I have of you......smh...that is sooo hilarious tho'. What did he think when he saw your drunken self?


Olori said...

Aproks does remain my favorite past time o. Happy everything anniversary o lol

Hazel said...

@HoneyDame, lmao. U really think me mischievious? U r so right. Lol. How are u?

@Olori, lol. There is nothing as entertaining as aproks. Thanx for stopping by!

njk said...

hahahaha why am i just reading this. i really remember that day. girl ur carzy. i think u shld write abt ur hiding in the wardrobe sessions.lol