I often wondered why some guys feel compelled to re-discover the “west”. Why aren’t they usually satisfied with the goldmines they got going for themselves? You feel i’m banging my head on a rock, what until your read this BBM chat between these two friends *evil chuckle*. I must say, i honing this habit of being in the right place at the right time, gist-wise, to perfection. Read...
Bryan: You promised me one {“one” in this case is a chic}
Jewel: LOL
Bryan: Please help a brother na
Jewel: Is it now a commodity? You and the one in Port-Harcourt broke up?
Bryan: Not really. But i need another person?
Jewel: Really? Do you want to marry two women?
Bryan: Nooo. I just need to compare and contrast. Please give me a number
Jewel: Why do you need to compare and contrast? Since you said you like the chic in Port-Harcourt, go and do something. She will soon leave you oo.
Bryan: I’m waiting!
Jewel: Your problem is choice. Lets say i wanna humour you, what tribe do you want the girl to be from?
Bryan: Anywhere o. If the chic is okay, i don’t particularly mind the tribe she’s from. Please, look for a sharp lady for me.
Bryan has been dating his girl for a bit now and they are already talking marriage. Jewel is Bryan’s second cousin. Bryan did not delete this chat...his babe read it!!!! And she’s not speaking to him as i blog.
This, floored me! What can he do or say to make this better??? What?


Olori said...

Nothing o!!! I say listen not to what a man says but what he does o. He has shown her he is not serious and maybe was talking marriage because she was pressurizing him and he wanted to shut her up. I don't know that he is a bad guy tho...i dnt just get that vibe (i know thats weird lol). He may marry her nd cheat for a while but I think he will get tired of it and be the ever loving husband(not that i read minds or anything lol). if she is willing to do that, then she can vex small then take him back.....personally, i will keep it moving biko

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

If na me read am and I be the girlfriend, I will keep that he can sample all the women he wants. Arrant rubbish! You know what? if it was the girl who did this and the dude found the chat, we wont be having this discussion cos he would be LONG GONE! let her Step jor! Ignoramus!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing he can do!! And as for the lady, once bitten, twice shy... She better talk to her legs sharp sharp

abimpy Moschino said...

There's nothing he can do!! And as for the lady, once bitten, twice shy... She better talk to her legs sharp sharp

Anonymous said...

There's hardly any fast stuff for him to say to right this.....I just dont know of any. He might have been joking and likewise, he might have been deade serious. Me being who I am will probably muse over this for a while. It goes way beyond that short exchange. She should put all things in perspective but very objectively so.


Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

bwahahaha! funny post.
i just cant. . .

Muse Origins said...

Wow! Thank God for the girl that she read this. That guy is not it at all


Hazel said...

I dunno that he's got the intention of cheating on her. What i'm sure of was how frantic he was, trying to explain away the chat. Personally, i'm not sure i would be open to any explanation!

@Olori @Sisi_Yemmie @AbimpyMoschino @HoneyDame @Onyii Thanks guys for leaving your footprints here. Appreciated much!

@Adiya, I see you! Mucho gracias.