Bitching Mode Activated

I had such high hopes for today.

Beddings’n’Beyond is running at full speed, its all i can do to keep up. Not that i am complaining...nevers. I just think i need me an assistant to hold shit together before it hits the fan.

Today, i was supposed to sort out window treatment a.k.a curtains for this client that requested for services beyond beddings: beds, bedsheets, bathroom touch-up, sitting room furniture, wall colours, curtains, the whole works. The deadline is beyond ridic...a few days! My major headache is/was the curtains for the sitting rooms and its doubly so cos the wall colours for that space is being handled by another outfit and i’m supposed to work the curtain colours around the wall paint, as should be or vice versa.

Its so frustrating when you are forced to rely on another person’s vision in order to bring yours to life. And dude is not inclined to share his vision. He just threw “Look for sososos colour” at me and left it at that. I spent the whole day looking for curtains in sososos colour and he vetoes all the samples i sent to him. I swear, it took the special grace of God to stop me from reaching through the phone and wringing his neck!!!

I’ve sorta decided to let him handle the curtains. It’ll be tragic if after all that money spent, the client ends up with an uncoordinated living room because the two people he trusted to spruce up his space could not reach an agreement! I’m pissed tho cos the time i spent on that hunt i could’ve channelled towards sorting out accessories for the other rooms in the house.

There! I’m done. Bitching mode deactivated. It didn’t help much tho. I still feel....somehow.


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

That's how it is at the beginning i guess

Destiny said...! Take it a day at a time, hopefully will sort itself sooner

Hazel said...

Thanx babies!