My Sister; My Friend

You know how you love all your siblings but you have that particular sibling you just jell with? That sibling for me is Belle!

Growing up, my mother labelled us all. It's usually hilarious when i hear her say this to her friends those days but she was usually right...but of course. There was...
My brother...the heir apparent.
My sister...the owner of the house. Her word was the law; its in your best interest to respect it, parent or no.
My humble self...the bookworm laz ekwueme of the house. Boy, was i lazy!!!!
Belle...the industrious daughter.
Nikki...the daughter you dont wanna cross!

My siblings are special but today is about Belle! She is special squared to me. When we were younger and my mother teased me about my laziness and wondered how i would survive in a man's house as a wife, i used to jokingly retort,"Belle would stay with me the first year to make sure everything runs smoothly". She did more than that:

She taught me how to my husband's house. I kid you not!
She took care of me while i was pregnant with Chets
She initiated my omugwo {sp?} until Mummy dearest was able to come and she continued after mom left!
She raised Chets for me. I was Mummy in name only by virtue of the fact that the boy proceeded forth from my vjayjay! She loved that boy! {Oh, but she meet her hubby from taking care of MY son! Chuck one up for me...teheheheh}

Belle has been through a lot, fought so many battles, been through grime but has emerged smelling like Chanel No 5. I'm so darned proud of her! I just wanna go on and extol her virtues but i wont...the resultant swollen head might derail her!


A few pictures of the aforementioned chinchi. Enjoy...

When she just arrived the UK. Cold wanna finish the poor girl!

Pregnant Labelle

Cute, aint she?

I swear, i thought that was me in that picture with my Maman! Belle's striking resemblance to yours' truly in that picture was quite jolting!

Her son, David {read his post here}

Ok, so that was a little more than a few, yes? Who cares...i love her pictures!! Oh, and she's on Twitter @Labelleace. Y'all should say Thank You on my behalf. She try for me no be small! She is a rockstar!!!!


Olori said...

reminds me of my sis too, though shes a bit stubborn :)...thanks belle

Anonymous said...

We wey no get sista nko? How we go do am. The truth is sometimes I wish I had a sista(especially after reading this) and others am like halleluyah, am the only gal!!! Belle thanks for training my dear friend as she is a full fledged wifey and mummy who takes me 2 hidden markets and shops for good bargains.

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot 2 put my name in my comment above but I believe @zitera knows who it is already.least I forget there is one more bargain buy transaction still pending. Demi

Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success said...

I can so relate to this post, having sisters is always fun, I am blessed to have 3 nutty yet inspiring sisters and each of them is different, there's always one to call when worried knowing she's too smart, another that is religious, another that knows all the latest gadget and you guessed right, am the homemaker and DIY in the family...we all rock this post!

Sugarcoated said...

yeah, everyone has someone like that. or should have

MissPweddyface said...

Awwww!, she really was your backbone, wasn't she?. I have three sisters myself. They're all different but unique in their own ways. I'm the big Sis, so they mostly look up to me, even though I'm one of the laziest in my