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On Cheating: Cheating in relationships is getting so old. I'm tired of hearing and reading the statistics. I'm equally tired of hearing justifications from those who cheat or are cheated on. I only have that strength to pray and watch that mine doesn’t!!! Sometimes I wonder how I would react if it happened to me. Some women just shrug off it off…business as usual. That ain’t right, right?

Which is why this is frigging hilarious: A guy friend of mine took this babe he really likes out on a date. He said while they were trying to iron out the terms and conditions of their relationship, he mentioned that once in a while, he'll cheat on her. That's just the way I'm wired, he said! He was pleasantly surprised when his date said that it was fine if he cheated every once in a while. After all, he’s a guy and it is to be expected. He said he couldn't believe how cool that babe was. Whaat...he has hammered! But his triumphant smirk was wiped clean off his face when the girl continued, "If you cheat on me, then I hope you don't mind if I cheat on you too. Oh, and I won't cheat on you with just about anybody...nah! I will cheat on you with a guy that is better than you in all ramifications and I'll rob the entirety of your face in it! If that is fine by you, then by all means cheat on me every once in a while!”

I don't think they ever checked "I Agree". Attagirl!
On Child Discipline: Children between ages 2-4 are a mother's nightmare. Terrible-twos until 4 is no joke. Umuaka a question your every move, taunt and push your buttons sooo hard you actually quiver with the effort of reining in your frustration. Sometimes you succeed; other times you don't and if they are lucky, you only scream out the frustration. If they are not, well, Hello Mr Cane {I’m not sparing the rod, even if it’s the really tiny rod, and spoiling any child of mine}. This happens to me a lot; most times I find myself lashing out. The thing about lashing out is that over a period of time, it becomes ineffective! Then what happens?

So, one day I decided to ask his teacher what it is she does specially that keeps Chets in check, without hassles. Its crazy but kids are sooooo well behaved around their teachers one would think they've been hypnotized. Her answer was so simple it was shocking. Bribe, she said. The promise of what he wants extended over a period of time and redeemed after said time would do the trick.

Unu anukwa?
Anyways, I tried her system last week. Worked like magic. My son loves to read. I promise him on Sunday last week that come Saturday, if he was a good boy all thru the week, we'll go buy story books and a racing car (he added this to the bribe) for him. Just me and him, hand in hand, strolling round Iponri market, buying books...and racing car, he reminded me! He was hooked
And so, each time he was being naughty, I just say, "Saturday..." and he completes, "...will not happen!"
Saturday happened! He was a such good boy, well relatively, all through the week. And, I already have my next bribe lined up...a trip to Fun Factory in 2 week!

On Building A Relationship: This particular day, i had just got back from school runs {was on leave} and i was trying to juggle bathing the kids and feeding them as quick as i could before they nod off to sleep in the midst of bathing or eating. I had just settled the boy to his food and was trying to arrange Zi in the bath when i noticed this huge patch of water on the rug in front of the loo. Running out to investigate, i found out that for some strange reason, i had been blessed with a swimming pool right in the middle of my toilet space, and the water having over flown its banks, decided to bless my rugs too. I HATE untidy spaces. Seeing the humongous patch was like waving a red flag in front of an irate bull! My hackles went up. Here was i being the good wife and mother and this stupid water tap will not just allow me to be great. I was tres frustrated. Where else to channel my frustrations except to the hubby, my problems solver! It didn’t matter that he was at work or might be in the middle of a meeting...i didn’t stop to think. I just called and as soon as he said hello, i jumped in with “Where’s the plumber?” Poor guy must have been confused. I still didn’t stop to think....i unpleasantly offloaded my frustrations on him. He made the colossal mistake of uttering the wrong words, “Sweet, there’s nothing i can do. You know i’m at work!”
I saw that red flag again. What does this man mean by there’s nothing he can do from there? With all these hoops his children are making me jump? Why can he be considerate and think of me sef? I worked myself into such a state, it was so easy to compose the stinker i texted him. Of course my hubby, being almost exactly like me, sent a stinker back....and his came with double the stinking strength. Oho, i said, this man wants to try me today. Does he not remember i’m a blogger? Composing a stinker with triple stinking capacity is a piece of cake!
I dropped Zi on the floor, arranged my phone to compose the stinker and somehow found myself writing:
I’m sorry love. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh and negative. Its just that its been so freaking hard juggling these kids and house work without any help. I’m just tired and now, instead of catching a much needed 30mins of rest, i’ll have to start mopping the floor so the kids don’t fall when......blah blah blah. Pls forgive me.
God knows that i didn’t mean one single word of that text, honestly! Not one...especially not the first sentence and the last one! I was still berating myself for stooping so low...
...when i conquered! He wrote back:
 I understand, love. And i thank God everyday for giving me a wife like you...blah blah blah.
I think i got a bottle of perfume out of that incident. Change starts from that one person. Be that partner!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American blog friends!


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Awww....the last bit!

Third World Profashional said...

Awwwww, too cute. Very true, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

Coy~Introvert said...

the last bit is so sweet!! God bless your marriage!!
And the first one, lmao, I love the girl joh, correct babe, since everyone is been truthful..

Gbemisoke said...

Its hard not to take out our frustration on the people we love... I'm learning from you.
Bribery 101 begins with immediate effect

Che said...

I just noted the bribery thingy on raising children. Will come in handy when I get to that stage in my life :-). Thank God for the love & understanding in your marriage.

Jemima said...

yes o bribery is the way otherwise the kids will drive one into a raving lunatic..and that last part..Gold!

aloted said...
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aloted said...

Re your son…that’s not bribery o..that’s negotiating. lol.I do it with my 2 year old and it works…

that girl is a correct girl….u do me I do u God no go

yes o..a soft word calms a strong heart (can’t remember the exact wors from the bible verse in proverbs). I should learn from u.

Toinlicious said...

On the ceating: i'm mentally "hi 10-ing" dat chic (hi5 not gud enuf). That's my kinda girl

On terrible 2-4: My sister is trying to toughen up. My last post was about their drama. I guess it's called tough love but imma have to tell her about bribery lol

On relationships: What u did, hi5!

~Sirius~ said...

Lmao! That whole plumber scenario is totally me. Hehehe. Thanks for the bribery tip, I'll need it in the near future.
Love your blog, off to read as much as I can

Myne Whitman said...

Nuggets of wisdom is what I call these. Thanks for sharing.

ms.composure said...

very very cute!! loving this post

HoneyDame said...

LMAOo...I love me soome Chets.. Thank God for all these tips..I can always browse thru these amazing chests of knowledge when the time comes.

ROTFLMAO @ the scene with the are waaay too cute for your own good , Hazel!

Hazel said...

Thank you so much guys, thank you!

@~Sirius~ Hiiiiiiiii!

Okeoghene said...

This is my first time here and I am so loving it. When I started blogging, the face of your blog was what I had in mind. Sharing parenting tips and experience in a light way but also passing across an important message. You achieved that; So I will be stalking you to get tips.

Muse Origins said...

LOL!! This is such an interesting read- all through. Haha at the bribery. THat first babe is correct! And awww so sweet at the last- i suppose it does take one person to start the peace


Mrs. Pancakes said...

These are all awesome suggestions...thanks for sharing:-)