Mummy, It's A Girl!

I had such a fun Saturday doing absolutely nothing! Just lying in bed and watching the telly. I cannot honestly remember the last time i had a sleep-in Saturday. If i am not sourcing new clients, i’m procuring or delivering. Or i’m shopping groceries and cooking 4 pots of soup. Or stuck in a branch listening to yet another training on how to catch fraudsters. It’s a hectic world we live in. Today though, my plate was absolutely empty...except that this one delivery I had to make {which was done before 7:30am; the hubby didn’t even know when I snuck off to do that} and this meeting I have for 3:00pm to work out the kinks of a new business deal.
I enjoyed every lazy minute of it until I had to get up and get ready for that meeting. I had just driven out of my compound when my phone rang. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t pick especially if I was on the highway {too scared i’ll totally run into a car or something} but as it is, I was still on my street so I picked the call. It was my sister; she called to say she finally got a Blackberry and I should send my pin. I was right in the middle of screaming “You finally got a Blackburrieeeeeeeeeee” when the phone call ended. So ru....abrupt!

Thirty seconds later, my phone rang again. It was an unknown number. I figured it was my sister calling back to say juice finished on the other phone, so I jumped right into the conversation:
“Credit finished yea? I understand. I will send my......”
“Hello? Mummy?” the voice on the other side enquired.
That was definitely not my sister’s voice...and I don’t recall buying Zi a phone. “Hello? Who’s this?”
“Mummy, it’s me...Joy!”
“Joy?” Joy? “Oh, JOY! How are you? It’s been a while. Have you put to bed yet?” Joy is my ex-househelp, the last one before the one I have presently. She left because she got pregnant. Read her story here.
“Yes ma, I just had my baby. It’s a girl!”
I started screaming again. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations!!!!!! How is she? How are you coping?! Where are you now?”
“We are still in the hospital...”
“Which one?” I cut in. I was really excited for her. I heard a male voice tell her the name of the hospital. She communicated same to me.
“Mummy, that’s why I am calling; we were discharged yesterday but i couldn’t leave because of the hospital bill”.
“How much is this bill?” She told me. I was amused; how is she still in the hospital because of N4000?
“No, Mummy. It’s N84000”.
I asked why she was paying that much balance in a government hospital and she said she had surgery. At the point, I have entered the Maryland traffic so I told her I would call back as soon as I parked so we could discuss further and clicked off.
It starts. The humongous responsibility of taking care and shaping the life of a brand new helpless individual...a baby. I tried to prepare her mind on what parenting entails before she left. It demands physical strength, mental maturity and financial stability. You have to be prepared! From post-natal depression to the constant worrying, motherhood can bend the strongest. Here’s a young girl whose mother couldn’t cater for and was sent off to fend for herself. How is she planning to take care of this little baby, with little or no source of income? And a man that may or may not marry her? Will history repeat itself with this baby? I hope not. I pray she does better.
I am entirely glad she chose to keep the pregnancy and i will help out anyway i can to the best of my abilities but...she made that bed, literally!
Well, that’s that. One more awesome thing about today: I discovered something new about myself today. I am a flight person! Not in the airplane sorta way. No, I’m a flight person in that fight-or-flight sorta way. If you doubt that read this post. If that doesn’t convince you, read the next few lines...
It wasn’t long after I got off the phone with Joy when my phone rang again. Now, I just negotiated that turn off Sheraton into Opebi so i reckoned it would be ok if i picked the call. This time, it was my sister of the dropped call and yes, her credit did finish. There I was telling her to cut, that I will call back cos I’m driving when I sighted this Lastma {or was it Road Safety} official flagging my car down. Busted! Quickly, I dropped my phone and made to park. I noticed he got busy with another car and I stepped on my accelerator! I flew out of there. I’ve been in a situation with these people before and believe me, once was enough for a lifetime. Thankfully, there was no major traffic on that axis...I woulda been doubly busted. It wasn’t the right call, I know that but I can’t help the way my body is wired, can I? *wink*
Anyways...The End.


dosh said...

rotflmho, sharp 'guy'! If there's anyway to get away from those guys then the wisest decision is to always take it.

So sad about Joy, it is very hard to think through situations especially when you're not exposed to information. I pray she finds the support she needs and a way to support herself too, if you get what i mean.

Stay blessed and out of trouble, lol :p

Luciano said...

hahaha.............that was a very wise decision i must say. thank God you were not busted. wah for Joy story o, may God help her

Ibifiri Kamson said...

so sad about Joy. just thinking of what the child's future would be like. nice move with Lastma. would have done the same thing.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Anyway... the end <---- this got me laughing.

Its good you've decided to help Joy, hopefully, she takes to heart all you've told her.

You need to get ur handsfree close so LASTMA/KAI/FRSC wont be making pay for performance off you.


Olaedo said...

The ending of your post had me laughing... Ogba oso 1!
About Joy, such a sad tale, really and unfortunately one that has become very common. It's such a monumental change in her life too. Parenting is really hard work even in better circumstances. I hope it works out well for them eventually.

Toinlicious said...

Parenting isn't beans at all sha. No time offs or vacations. I feel for Joy & I pray it works out for her

As for the lastma deal, hi5 jor lol

Fluffycutething said...

While your intentions may be pure and good,you still need to be careful that Joy doesn't abuse your generosity.....

Hazel said...

LOL. @Dosh I will try and stay out of trouble. Lol. As for Joy, I really hope it works out ok for her and the baby.

Hazel said...

@Luciano Once bitten, twice shy. Those folks are heartless

Hazel said...

@Ibifiri She will find her way eventually. We all do. Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog by the way

Hazel said...

@P.E.T Heeeeeey you! Handsfree you say? I don't think we quite like each other, Handsfree and I. But for the sake of LASTMA, I'm willing to bury the hatchet

Hazel said...

Hahahah @Ola, the race no get part 2. My heart nearly jumped clean off my chest. Phew

Hazel said...

Hi5 back atcha baby @Toinlicious. How have you been?

Hazel said...

You are so right @Fluffylittlething. Thanks for stopping by...x

Che said...

LOL, Fast babe, but really thank God there was no traffic on that lane. As for Joy, it's a sad case for her. My sister's former nanny is in the same predicament. She is married, but the hubby does nothing. She put to bed last month and when my sister called to congratulate her, she begged for money to buy pap to drink so her breast milk could flow. She didn't have nada on her. My sister can help her only to a certain stage.