Mom-Sense {I}

First time I saw this, I didn’t really care for what it had to say…hunger had me well in hand at that moment. I thought I clicked on the “Delete” button. Today, I saw it still marked unread in my mailbox…
I read it…
I want to share it…
How to Become a Confident Mom
Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Jean Blackmer's book, MomSense: A Common-Sense Guide to Confident Mothering
If you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities involved in raising your children or afraid that you’ll fail to fulfill them well, take heart. No mother is perfect in this fallen world, but you don’t have to be perfect to be a successful mother.
God – who created you and your children – knows that you have what it takes to be just the kind of mom your children need. And God has given you “MomSense” (a combination of intuition and common sense) to help you figure out exactly how to do so. When you use your MomSense, you can become a confident mom. Here’s how:
1. Realize that you know what’s best for each of your children. As your children’s mother, you and their father know better than anyone else what’s best for them. You’re an expert on each of your children.
2. Don’t look for “one-size-fits-all” parenting methods. Such methods don’t exist, because all families are different and need to seek God’s guidance for their unique relationships rather than trying to follow a uniform parenting plan. There’s no shortage of parenting advice for you to consider from other people, but much of it conflicts, and what works for them may not work for you. Pray for the wisdom you need to choose the parenting methods that God intends for you and your children distinctively.
3. Consider what you can learn from your own mom. Reflect on what your mother did well when she was raising you, and decide to follow her good example in appropriate areas of your own parenting. Then think about the ways that your mother struggled as a parent and how you can learn from the mistakes she made.
4. Develop a wise decision-making style. Determine your values – what’s most important to you and your family, and why. Then build your priorities in life around your values, and make your decisions according to your priorities while staying in touch with God in prayer. Don’t compare your choices to other people’s choices; simply do what’s best for you and your family. Set time limits for making decisions rather than agonizing endlessly over them. When a single right answer isn’t clear and different good options exist, have the courage to go with your gut feelings about what you should do. Expect the unexpected to happen sometimes; be flexible so you can adjust your decisions as necessary. When you make mistakes, learn from them instead of worrying about them.
5. Strengthen your marriage or find a parenting partner. If you’re married, invest time and energy into your marriage regularly. Your children will benefit in many ways from seeing God’s love in action in your marriage relationship, and sharing the parenting responsibilities equally with your husband will help prevent either of you from getting burned out. If you’re not married, find another person who loves your kids and is willing to partner with you in raising them (such as one of your parents or siblings, or a close friend), since you need regular encouragement and practical help as a mom.
I’m gonna post Part II tomorrow. Feel free to share with other mothers or mothers-to-be. We need all the help we can get raising our children, our gifts from God, the right way.
Until tomorrow…ciao!

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