Mom-Sense {II}

Continuing from where I stopped yesterday…
6. Develop a sense of patience. Ask God to help you learn how to wait and deal with stressful situations without becoming irritated or upset. {I’m asking right now!!!}
7. Develop a sense of respect. Ask God to help you model the Golden Rule: treating other people the way you’d like them to treat you.
8. Develop a sense of consistency. Ask God to help you become a reliable and faithful person who your children can count on to be there for them when needed. {Dear Lord, I ask You to bless my hustles, so I can be there for my kids}
9. Develop a sense of perspective. Ask God to give you the right perspective on challenging situations so you can focus on what matters most.
10. Develop a sense of self-control. Ask God to help you live with self-discipline in a world that’s often self-indulgent, so you can avoid some sinful and destructive choices.
11. Develop a sense of calm. Ask God to give you the strength you need to be calm even in the midst of chaotic situations, and to help you create a peaceful atmosphere in your home.
12. Develop a sense of joy. Ask God to help you enjoy fun times together with your family at home and maintain a sense of humor.
13. Develop a sense of love. Ask God to remind you regularly of His unconditional love for you, and let your gratitude for God’s love for you motivate you to love your children unconditionally.
14. Invest in relationships with other women. Don’t neglect your relationships with other women, even when parenting demands are keeping you extremely busy. Make time to keep up friendships, and ask an older mom with more parenting experience than you to mentor you, as well. {This is sooo important…I cannot over-stress it}
16. Keep growing closer to God. Make your relationship with God your top priority. A close connection to God will transform you into the kind of person who can love and serve your children well. Pray and read the Bible regularly. Worship and serve in a church every week. Keep choosing to trust God with every part of your life, and looking forward to the future He has planned for you and your family.
Adapted from MomSense: A Common-Sense Guide to Confident Mothering, copyright 2011 by Jean Blackmer. Published by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, Mich.,


Muse Origins said...

Only a superhuman could develop all these senses *sigh*


Hazel said...

@Adiya I know!!! Only a superhuman. Thing is tho, most of us already has one or two of these senses in place. We could develop more,one sense at a time.

aloted said...

With God all things are possible.

Thanks for this.

Myne Whitman said...

Very true and useful. Thanks for sharing, we keep learning everyday.