HM QuikLinks Special

I haven’t done a HM Quiklinks post in ages but while trolling blogs today, i came across two beautiful posts and i thought, “I gotta share this!” Hope they speak to you as much as they did to me!

I Am Simply Phury wrote about God’s Grace that saw her through a difficult time and is still available to her, daily!

“I tell God everyday how i promise not to be naughty or engage in any sexual activities of any kind. But next thing I'm kissing some guy with really beautiful lips or dreaming about licking another. And yet with all my short comings I'm still loved by God. I bet when i have conversations with him, he chuckles every time. I bet he thinks 'Phury, what would i do with you'? I grin sometimes when i imagine him too. And i love to tell him how utterly graceful, loving, forgiving, honest and slow to anger he is. When i feel like his patience may be running out with me, i get on my knees and pray to him. I apologise for being a naughty girl, I apologise for being proud, I remind him that just because i haven't prayed doesn't mean that i don't love him with all my heart. I apologise for not going to church or paying my tithes. Then i thank him for his patience, my family and for life but most especially for sending Jesus to die for me. I ask him for strength to fight temptations and he gives me that. He always gives me that benefit of doubt. I pray for my enemies, which is a big deal as I've only  just learned the act of forgiveness. Its a given that he knows my future and sees into my heart. But honestly, where would we all be without his grace? I'm a sinner. I know this. He understands this”
Yellow Sisi Unspoken’s Who Is He? asked a question that subdued me: What if God got tired of forgiving us?

“Who Is He?
On His mother's side He was hungry but on His father's side He is the bread of life
On His mother's side He was thirsty but on His father's side He is the living water
On His mother's side He was been nailed to the cross but on my father's side He rose again
On His mother's side He slept on the boat but on my father's side He commands the storm in the sea
On His mother's side He died and was buried in the grave but on His father's side He raise the dead from graves”.

Two posts, two questions...

Where would we all be without God’s grace?

What if God got tired of forgiving us?
What if God got tired of forgiving you??!


Anonymous said...

Its a question I ask myself everytime, what if? Without God am truly nothing but with His Loving Grace and Kindness I can be all I ever dream to be and more. Demmy

HoneyDame said...

no where...NO WHERE
I ask myself this almost all the time especially because I realize that if I were God, I would have given me a back-hand a long time ago.
His mercies are amazing.!

aloted said...

hmmmm...if not for HIS GRACE and MERCIES which are new every morning.

MissPweddyface said...

It's an awesome God we serve, he is just too much.

MsJB said...

Wow that was touching. His mercies endures forever. We are so so unworthy.
Thanks for sharing.

Nice blog by the way. FFg, pls do check mine