Journey To Sexy: Day 1

It seems like i’ve been on this since forever. Sometimes, i’m committed to it. Some other times, i can’t be bothered. I would start a 3-day detox program and half-way through it, i’ll jump ship. No energy but mostly no incentive. The last time i was this committed to losing weight, i lost 9kg. October, 2012. There was no incentive, except i could feel my obesity weighing me down.

It has to be said. Really, it has to be said. Food is a SWEET deal! But as sweet as it is, it cannot top money in my books. And there-in lie the incentive for this current weight loss stint. The hubby thinks i cannot lose another 10kg in 3 months. I think i can lick it 2 months. The rules are simple:

·         If after the final weigh-in i’m 0.1kg shy of 10kg, he collects my cheque.

·         If however i max 10kg or above, he credits me double the amount.

Inspired much!
I’m already spending that money in advance...that’s how confident i am. I love a good dare!

Day 1- Started on a 7-Day Juice

Breakfast – Watermelon Juice.
Lunch – Watermelon + Mango Juice
Dinner – Ugu Juice with a dash of ginger and lemon.
I honestly thought i would hate that ugu juice thingie. Wonders, i loved it. Like totally. I’ve had to tell my stomach there’s no point growling & complaining... Food will not be had until day 8. It seems not to mind so much though. I wasn’t as dizzy as i thought i’ll be. Energy didn’t wane much. Like, i had enough to fit in an hour of Zumba dancing, with my smiles still intact. I doubt i’ll be smiling much tomorrow.

Aside the 12 trips to the restroom to return the 4+ litres of liquid i drank all day, and the really mean duo of SB and Olaedo who sent me pictures of their respective lunch just about the time my hunger was peaking, i’ll say Day 1 went just fine!

The universe didn’t deem it fit to take away a miserly 0.3kg and make it a nice cohesive figure like 79.9kg, which sounds and feels way better than 80.2kg. Yea, 80.2kg is our start-off. I just want my jigida to sit properly on the tummy. Is that too much to ask?

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Dressed said...

Go Hazel!! I see you 10kg slimmer already, but Mehn! this juice thingy though! I don't envy you, lol! Pele

Hazel said...

Hahahaha. Thanks @Dressed. I feel light (read: dizzy) already. LOL

Olaedo said...

Keep it up, jare.... Better you than me ;)
Meanwhile, MEAN Olaedo? :p

HoneyDame said...

Hahahahhahahaha..... i would definitely take weight loss more seriously if i got such incentive too......but oh boy! Ur goingnhard oooooo......just juice for 7 days? Odiegwu!

Hazel said...

@HoneyDame I see what you are doing! Reverse psychology abi? LOL

Abiola said...

'wowing' @ ur planned 'menu', certainly no feat for the fainthearted. And to think some are desperately trying to add weight...diff strokes for diff people. Maybe you can do some more good while u are at it, send the 10kg over to #Sykik +

(e-rooting for u over here)

Toinlicious said...

This life. Me, ayam looking for curves, some people are shedding curves. issokay. *swallows eba and ugwu*

Toinlicious said...
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Hazel said...

@Abiola Yup! This world is an unfair place. I'm hoping that 10kg comes off. I'm happily gonna send it @Toinlicious' way! Toin, be ready!

MsJB said...

All the best dear
But please be careful not to over stress yourself

Nmasinachi Agada said...

Nothing seems serious on day 1.... i hope you'll be singing the same song by day 4. BTW, it's worth getting ur 'sexy' back. I totally love ur blog