Happy 4th of March, Dolls!!

Ok, this here post was supposed to have been up since 12:01 this a.m but my 250 hours internet service package expired just as i was about to post. Anyways, better late than never, right?

Today IS a special day....MY BIRTHDAY! And its even much more special because i always share it with three fab friends of mine:


I've got nothing but love for this young lady! I met her like eight years ago back in the university. One of those really cool/reserved chics in Engineering, {a.k.a Engine Girls} you'ld want to be friends with, i was really happywhen i found out she was a cousin to a dear friend! And so, we became "hi-hi-waka-pass" friends until the 4th of March of that year...the day we realized we had one more thing in common, that is, aside of friend OD!
Niki has come a long way from the girl i knew back in the university. These days, she's a wife, a career woman, a homemaker. I'm happy to share this day with you, Niki. Happy Birthday, darling!!


Our baby in school, Chichi is just too much fun to hang with! She is witty as hell and with the craziest sense of humor, even at her own expense sef {especially at her own expense}...which is why we love her soo much. Happy 4th, boo!

Bena a.k.a @sphinx640

My sister from another mother, my best friend, my *now borrowing her tweet* one-week-apart-wedding anniversary mate, three-month-apart-children mate, this chic is just the christina to my meredith...she is my PERSON. She gets me. Before i even think it, she has bbm'd my thought to me...its uncanny! She always always have my back... Love you, loads and Happy Birthday!

Just in case, you skipped the first few lines, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. Now signing out to go party!! Taa-taa....x


bugz said...

this post is so sweet..and i love this song!jeez....goosebumps x

Hazel said...

my sugsr banana Bugz, thank you!