HazelMuses' QuikLinks: This Week in Blogsville

So today, i decided to do something different.....

One of my favourite things to do in recent times is certainly blogwalking a.k.a blogsurfing a.k.a browsing other blogs and i must say, there are many creative young folks out there. Starting today, and possibly every Saturday, i'm going to provide links to blogposts that inspired me and made me laugh and taught me something new. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did!!!

Stella's Addiction was the first make-up blog i visited and her love for the world of Make-Up impressed the pants off my large behind! I love her dedication; i love her committment; i love her in-depth product reviews. Check out Stella's post on How to spot fake Black Opal stick foundation if you use the product and you would be glad you did.

ThirdWorldProfashional is another blog i love to read..... the chic is a looney but she's my fav looney! She didnt have any post this week but Adaku made a few people proud (this week) because She was the Fashion Bomb of the Day, March 30 You go, girl!

You reside in Lagos and you've never heard of DealDey or you have but you dont know whats up with it? Well, here's All You need to know about DealDey by the blog Diary of an Exschoolnerd.

Felt refreshed after reading this blog LightaLamp{discovered it yesterday}. Jaycee made me realize how much i miss God! Life shouldnt be all about money and things money can buy; it should also be about how many people we helped in our time here! i hope What if this is Filthiest of Places? ministers to you as it did me!

I love the idea Praise Thursday by the blog Diary of an Unpaid Intern. Check her out!

This week, the blog Askchacha4free answered the question Why do People experience Disappointment? Free answers to Your questions sounds like a good deal to me!

Finally, check out this hilarious post An Eye for an Eye by Waila caan. The heart of kids...who can know it???!

So, did you like this post? Let me know what you think!



Anonymous said...

Cool! Keep it coming!

aloted said...

hi...welcome to blogville..your posts are very hard to read...can you pls change the font to another colour ,,maybe white considering you have a dark background...


Hazel said...

Hey Aloted, thanks a whole bunch. Will look into the font issue! Love your blog...x

Lily Johnson said...

Nice blog. The theme just rocks! Welcome and keep it coming.