To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Hello! My name is Hazel and I was a shopaholic!

I’ve been praying this particular prayer point for a while now, asking God to deliver me from the spirit of “buy-buy” and after my major investment of last month, the shopping-addicted spirit that urges me to keep on buying seemed to have been exorcised! Phew. I could look at baffs and shoes and walk away…no mean feat!

And then I beheld this picture sent to me by my kid sister *now giving her the evil look* and now, the struggle is back on....the great shopaholic spirit is being nudged awake! 

Hello! My name is Hazel and I am a struggling shopaholic! *le sigh*

To buy or Not to buy?


Chichi said...

Hi, my name is chichi and i a healing shopaholic. i have been sober for 7 days

Hazel said...

Hi Chichi, welcome to Shopaholic Anonymous...ah well, as anonymous as blogsville can allow it be. Sober for 7 days? Commendations are in order! So, to buy or not to buy?

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hazel said...

Hehehehehe! Will keep that in mind @Sisi_Yemmie