HM QuikLinks: This Week in Blogsville

Today is April the 16th, 2011. In case you are wondering why i'm stating the obvious, today is/was the all important Presidential Election 2011 in Nigeria.

Earlier in the day, i had planned to just lounge and catch up on things: play with the kids, watch movies, and maybe do a blogpost or two! But that wasnt to be! Unlike last week saturday, my conscience wouldn't just let me be!!! Today is realllllllly important, it said! So, i dressed up, made my way to my polling unit, got accredited, went to my fav neighbourhood hangout Goatmasters to chill with the Hubby and his friends, listened to their bar-room politics and when it was time, went to perform my civic duty!!! Don't ask me how i voted for! Tres irrelevant at this point!

Anyways still on the election topic, This Week in Blogsville features the non-conformist blogger UgoDre with this post On Election Eve: Thoughts on Nigeria and the Tears of a General. Very insightful and nicely written but i'm guessing that at the point this post was written, lots of minds have been made up. Read it information is a weiiste!

Moving on....

It Was YNC's Birthday, April 15 Happy belated birthday, YankeeNaijaChic. Hope you had a blast! Much love, chica!!!

So, i discovered Damie's blog Stylishevafter a couple of weeks ago. Her post My Generation...My Fashion is just the thing for young, talented, upandcoming Nigerian designers! The world is yours if well armed....

Looking Glass of an Immigrant has this to say When Your Dad Is a Psychotic Cheater + Your Mates Are Getting Married. Ever wondered how much the sins of a father affect his children, especially the daughters? Read....Find out!

Whats TWiB without LightHerLamp? Here's For Length Of Days, For Life and Three Gifts:On Bothering God, Faith and Translations for your reading pleasure!!!

Aunty Ibhade of The Nitty-Gritty Tales of a Housewife redefined words we toss around carelessly in Stirring Hornets Nest. Oh boy!!!

Last but soooo not the least, Mia of MiaFarraDaily posted this Letter To My LadyParts. No, not my ladypart...mine has done good! Neways, this post is a must-read!!! Loved it. Mia, you are mental, child but you write good....darn good!!

You might also want to check out Third World Profashional for her Birmingham vacay series and Stella's Addiction for make-up product reviews.

That's it, folks. Catch y'all laters! Taa-taa...x


Damie said...

Thank you. A very interesting blog you have here yourself.

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

dont ever stop HM QuikLinks! please!lol