I Miss GOD!!!

I remember that day like it was yesterday, the day my momma sat us kids down on our sitting room floor, with the voice of Pastor Ngozi Awuzie {where is that guy these days sef} playing in the background, and told us about heaven, hell, rapture and the end of the world. The year was 1995 or 1996 { i can't remember which now...was really young} but i figured i had a couple of years or more to the new millenium. And so, i told myself to rock life really well...as much as i can at that age anyways...then clean up my acts in 1999, find God in preparation for rapture and end of the world in 2000.

Year 2000 came and went...nothing happened and with that non-happenstance went my resolution to know God better. I figured since Jesus has tarried in His coming, there was no need really to truncate all that fun i was having and become a bible-carrying sister. {How uncool, i thought then! How stupid and shallow i was, i know now}. My mother despaired! You know how exasperating it is when you know the truth about something and you try to tell someone you love that same truth and they give you ela? That's how my mother felt. Me, i was comfortable with telling Mummy my problems: it was her job to tell God and i might add that she did a darn good job of it! {i love my momma}

You can then imagine her joy when i found God....all by myself. There is no way to describe that feeling when God is your BFF! I wondered how i ever thought it was uncool to love God! It was the coolest thing ever! I was never alone...i had God always by me. We were so close, it felt like my life was always on censor mode...which is a good thing, by the way; i could never say ill of anybody...God was watching! I could never get angry and toss back angry words at the provocateur...God is shaking His head from side to side, tsking away! It was awesome always being in HIS presence. I didnt have to wait till night to tell God all that happened during the day.....i tatafo as it happens {afterall, thats what BFFs do}.Until the hubby jokingly complained once, i hadn't realised i was always reporting him to God!

Then we grew apart! I do not know how that happened...and i will not even give the red horned persona the credit lest the horn swells abi grows more than it already is! But somehow, i found myself not giving God the time of the day!I hardly read my bible and when i do, i simply gloss over it and memorize the verses i would used to blackmail God! I seem to remember Him only in dire situations.

I can spew forth a thousand and one reasons why i grew apart from God but all of that does not matter now. What matters now is: What if there is Heaven and Hell? What if after all these earthly struggles, one dies to find out that there's really a hell? What then? Shouldn't i rather err on the side of caution and seek God now?
And guess what;
  • I do not have to channel the Deeper Life or MFM woman {hair all tied up and so not in a flattering way, bling-less} to serve God.
  • I can wear the longest brazilian/indian/peruvian combo weave i can find and still serve God.
  • I can paint my index finger green, middle finger orange, the pinkie red and still serve God in all sincerity of spirit. i can wear the falsest of them lashes, blush my face from here to Alaska, wear the bloodiest red lipstick and still tell the world about God.
  • I can be a fashionista and still profess God.
So i wonder: What is that thing holding me back from really serving God?
  • I wont be able to wear skimpies again? My body had wor-wor'd well so  in my case, skimpies are overrated.
  • So i wont be able to party? Hanging out with the hubby and building my marriage is a worthy cause in God's books, i bet! And if it wasnt ok, im tired of all those late night shindings anyways!
I roll out of bed every morning, skip over the book of life lying just by my bedside. Reason: I'm running late for work...no time to read the Bible. Yet as i am sauntering across the room to the loo, i will spy that evil contraption called the Blackberry winking its red eye and without even thinking twice, i'm on it like peanut butter on toast! Work can wait...Twitter, Facebook, BBM cannot. I choose Complete Fashion over the Bible everyday...what a crappy life!

What are my priorities? What is yours?

Today is Easter! Today is our second chance! Lets make it count for us!!!

*Side bar1: There is no topic, no problem, no issue that has not been addressed in the Bible. You will be amazed at how all encompassing that book really is!*

*Side bar2: There is much truth in that bible verse Iron sharpeneth iron. In thy walk with God, one cannot ignore the gathering of brethrens...their support goes a long way! Thank you, LightHerLamp and Proverbs 31 Women.

*Side bar3: In difficult/trying situations, always ask oneself What Would Jesus Do?

I've missed God. Have you? Let me know!!!! Happy Easter, sweetharts!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice....well done Zitera!

Lily Johnson said...

I totally loved this post. So real, so sincere. New year's day this year, i found myself in MFM. I was in make up, had my hair done and my nails painted. They were stunned to see me work into their church but i needed to pray in a church and theirs was just close. They eventually got over it as i prayed fervently with them and sang praises to God into the New year. Sometimes, i do tell myself i have to draw closer to God and i do. It feels so good each time. I am in a very good place with THE MOST HIGH.

Hazel said...

@Anonymous, thank you so much. I kinda have a feeling tho...like i know who you are! LOL!

@Lily Johnson, hahahaha!! MFM let you in with your hair and make-up? I guess the common purpose of serving God overrode their intolerance of such distractions! It really feels great being close to God and i kinda envy you right now!

Anonymous said...

My former roomie, life gets real busy and sometimes its as if there isn't no time to serve God but I've realised that's a lie from da pit of hell. Loving God makes all da difference. Hubby would always say he's seen that loving God is a must to enjoy life to the fullest and its true. The devil knows that's why he keeps us away. Missed God? Ask Him for fresh grace everyday and He'll make it available. You'll be glad u dud. What's more, u can still be a fashion loving model for God. Jesus' Tobe was sooo correct, they cast lots for it. If you don't flow with MFM, there the TFOLCs, Daystars and House on d rocks. Imagine you, looking all good talking to a younger girl abt Jesus, she'll want to know Jesus if it will make her look like you. Why don't you become a model for Him today. You will be glad u did

Hazel said...

Loving God makes all the difference!!!! Wow...so true! Thank you, Anon 7:17 for this encouragement! I know YOU...im just not going to mention ya name! Lotsa love....x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece.....

HoneyDame said...

All have sinned and fallen short of His glory. Thank God for God,and His grace, odawise, who am I. May He help us all in our walk with Him

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

luv, luv, luv this post! How did i miss it??? i know how....i didnt have a computer...lol....i ignore my bible everymorning and i cant believe the first thing i do is check the blinking red light...