HM QuikLinks Plus: This Week in Blogsville

So, this week's quiklinks came a bit late but hey, better late than never right?! Neways, here's a few of the posts that i thought y'all should see. Hope you enjoy them!

Stella of Stella's Addiction posted this amazing Face.Of.The.Day: Golden Galaxy Cookie Cutter. If you are a regular visitor on her blog, then no introductions are required. If not, then lemme introduce you to this lady that is absolutely crazy about all things make-up. Have fun!

Still on the subject of make-up, here is Pwetty Bambi's take on Liners: Mini Guide To Fun Colours. Hope it would be helpful!

Whats Hot! Apparently, 70's inspired wide-legged trousers a.k.a Palazzos are back in is crazy that way. Read up on Stylishevafter. Thank you, Damie for the heads up {imma go dust up mine. i hope it still fits! Lol}

Here's Fashion Inspired By Africa by the Kenyan blogger Nancie. Need i say more? Check out Fashion Notebook.

Mia of Miafarradaily got a gown worth almost 3000 pounds for all of 2 pounds. Should she sell it or keep it? Winning and Other Stuff has the deets!

We all know or two of these type of people but how does one Deal With Difficult People In the Work Environment? Posted by YNC

ThirdWorldProfashional has The Hawker and the Young Man. This post is not one of her usual fashion-inspired blogspots but you'll have to have a heart of rock if this story doesnt move you. God takes care of His own!

Everyday For The Thief, one day is for the owner of the house! Na so this one thief take meet his waterloo. GISTDOTCOM has all the deets.

Have you had any not-so-nice Social Experiences? Read up on HoneyDame's.

For When GEJ Visits My Blog, this post will be there for him to read...Olori's Palace had that covered. Someone needs to tell these leaders what the man on the street expects from them!

Finally, An Easter Musing from Lightherlamp. Hope you enjoy it!

Thats all folks. Happy Easter


Jaycee said...

I love your weekly updates. I've just bookmarked four of the links you shared. Thanks. :)

Hazel said...

Thanx Jaycee!

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Thank you soooo much babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

HoneyDame said...

Madam Hazel, you are faaaar too kind!
You are officially my personal person! Thanks a bunch

Hazel said...

*big grin*