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Here we go again....

It was Prince William's and Kate Middleton's wedding yesterday and with the kinda of media coverage the Royal Wedding recieved, its no wonder a lotta folks didnt get to hear about the tornado incidents in Alabama, USA. Lightherlamp brings a whole new perspective to it with When Foundations Are Destroyed. My prayers of with the families affected in that devastation!

You look difficulty in the eye and you are Smiling through it, you are soooo winning! Check out Diary of an Unpaid Intern.

It Happens by Lily Johnson....Ladies, read!!

As usual, GISTDOTCOM addresses an important issue: The Power in Words with the post If Na Joke...
Excerpts from the post: "I know parents who bless their kids even when they are so pissed. Instead of yelling ”you stupid boy, with your head like coconut”! Its much more constructive to yell “you this blessed boy, with your head like that of a king”…I’ve heard parents say this, and believe me I laughed!!! Retrospectively, I think they actually know what they are doing….you can’t call your son Coconut head and then expect a coconut head to carry first in class."

Bissel, a little bits of this and that byThirdWorldProfashional. Y'all know TWP...she brings IT always but this post is most important because of....see below:

"P:S....If you read my blog frequently, you might remember a post I wrote in January called "Christmas, Reunions and New Year". In that post I mentioned reuniting with my friends from Queen's College when we attended the 50th birthday of the mother of one of us, Omowunmi Fosudo. This was just in December. Recently Omowunmi's mum who just celebrated her 50th birthday, a joyous celebration that had all her children flying in from different destinations, was diagnosed with cancer. Unknown to the family she had been living with cancer for a while and by the time she was diagnosed, it had progressed to Stage 3. Now the doctors at the University of Texas MD Cancer Center where she was diagnosed need to operate in 7 days or who knows what might happen. Because Mrs. Fosudo is uninsured, this operation will cost her family $60,000, which is about N9,000,000.

I'm writing all this because since yesterday when Omowunmi's brother Debo launched the campaign to raise the money aided by friends and family, some people have been thinking its a scam. I don't blame them because the kind of world we live in, such things are very possible and probably do happen, but I'm writing this to make it as personal for you as it is for me, to let you know these are real people going through a very real ordeal.

So far $31,627 has been raised, we're halfway there, no amount is too little, even N500 will go a long way. If you can
help a family save their mother, you know your reward will be in heaven. These are the donation points.

1) You can pay at
2) In Nigeria, pay at GTB #201101370110, name: Ade-Fosudo.
3) Paypal:

Any little thing, 10 dollars, 10 naira, 10 pounds. Just help out anyway you can. She needs this surgery in 7 days, 7 days. It is not a joke, it is not a scam, this is a real person. Please find it in your heart to help.

Thank you."

Please help a family save their mother! PLEASE DONATE!!! Thank you!

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